Citizen’s iPhone-Friendly Eco-Drive Watch Is Now Available In U.K.


The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch vibrates when you receive calls and texts on your iPhone.
The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch vibrates when you receive calls and texts on your iPhone.

Citizen has announced the latest edition to its Eco-Drive watch lineup, and it’s the perfect partner to your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. Called the Eco-Drive Proximity Watch, it has Bluetooth 4.0 built-in, and vibrates when you receive calls, text messages, emails, and more on your iPhone. It also synchronizes its time and date with your iPhone to ensure it’s always spot-on.

The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch has been available in the U.S. for a couple of months, but it’s just landed in the U.K.

The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch doesn’t just vibrate; its second hand also points to specific icons to notify you what kind of alert is waiting for you on your iPhone. So one quick glance at your wrist will tell you whether that last vibration was a text message, email, voicemail, or a poke from your aunt Agnes on Facebook.

The watch also has a built-in ‘Watch Find’ feature, which will make your iPhone ring when you lose it. This’ll help you find it when it slips under your couch cushions, or gets taken by the kids.

Things get really clever, however, with time and date synchronization. The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch finds out what time your iPhone is displaying, then adjusts its own accordingly. And if you get on a plane and touchdown in another country with a different time zone, your watch will update right after your iPhone does.

And don’t worry about the built-in Bluetooth and vibration features sapping your battery; the Eco-Drive Proximity Watch is powered by light, so as long as it gets a little sunshine, it’ll keep on running. It’s also water resistant up to 100 meters.

The Eco-Drive Proximity Watch is available to order now in the U.K. from for £399. If you’re in the U.S., you can bag it on Amazon for $371.25. It comes in in two colors: stainless steel and black ion plating.

Via: Pocket-lint

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