Neat USB Hub Almost As Handsome As Your MacBook


In the age of tiny, efficient Thunderbolt and Lightning ports, stuffing a full-sized USB plug into a Mac now seems so very very old fashioned. Still, USB is still the oversized and awkward norm, and stuff them into our Macs we must.

Which is where Satechi’s “Premium 4-Port Aluminum USB 2.0 Hub” comes in.

The non-powered hub gives you four ports, angled up for easy access. The styling is clearly inspired by Apple’s Magic Trackpad and aluminum keyboards, but is raked more steeply and also — inexplicably — includes a copy of the Apple devices’ battery port cover.

Still, if you’re going to plug a zillion (or, more accurately, four) USB gadgets into one USB port, then there are far uglier ways to do it. And this one costs $28. That isn’t cheap, but I guess this thing will last. At least until a USB 3.0 version becomes available, anyway.

Source: Satechi


  • hanhothi

    Apple will probably sue them for copying the style of the trackpad/keyboard. Wait, it is not a rectangle with round corners is it.

  • ActionableMango

    “Premium” USB hubs should be 3.0.

  • Stevaroo01

    It feels a bit over-priced (especially lacking USB 3.0), but that didn’t stop me from ordering one for my iMac. USB ports are at a premium on my computer (I have several permanently attached EHD’s), so I was in need of something like this anyway… and this one will match my computer perfectly as it looks like something that Apple would have made it. I bought mine on Amazon and will get it second day for free since I have Prime. I hope it lasts a while!

    • Article review says non-powered. Will it charge iphone? [UPDATE: Now I see alternates that plug into wall for charging devices without using a Mac USB port.]