Hang Your Headphones On Just Mobile’s Sculpted Slab Of Aluminum



Sometimes it’s the little luxuries in life that make a difference. Don’t have a place to store your headphones at your desk? You may need Just Mobile’s new HeadStand. Well, you probably don’t need it, but you’ll want it.

Sculpted from polished aluminum in a way that would probably make Jony Ive shed a tear of joy, the HeadStand suspends your plush headphones gracefully in the air.

“We couldn’t find a nice headphone stand on the market, so we created one on our own,” said Erich Huang, co-founder of Just Mobile. “Just like Xtand for the iPhone stand, we believe HeadStand will create headphone stand as a new product category.”

As I’ve said before, Just Mobile makes great Apple accessories. The HeadStand looks like no exception. Simple and elegant. Reminds me of the MacBook stands Just Mobile recently announced.

You can order the HeadStand online for $50.

Source: Just Mobile

  • shannon_f

    “Don’t have a play to store your headphones at your desk?”

    Love you on The Cultcast man, but do you ever read your articles before submitting them?

  • Gregory Wright

    Isn’t that cute.