Upload Video From Your iPhone or iPad Photo Roll Directly To YouTube [iOS Tips]



I don’t take a lot of video with my iPhone, so I didn’t know about this tip until today. When looking to upload video to YouTube, I figured you’d have to transfer the video to your Mac, open up a web browser like Safari or Chrome, and use the YouTube website to upload it.

Not so, apparently, as there’s an easy Share to YouTube button in the Photos app that lets you send it directly from your iOS device. Here’s how to use it.

Take a video with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and then tap the little thumbnail in the lower right when you’re finished. You can also just launch your Photos app and find a video you’ve already taken.

Either way, once the video is up on your iOS device screen, tap the share button, which is that odd little square with the curvy arrow thing pointing out of it. You’ll have the option to share your video via the Mail app, the Message app, or YouTube, even though YouTube and the icon you’ll see there are no longer part of iOS 6. Go figure.

Anyway, tap the YouTube icon, and you’ll have to type in your YouTube credentials, which should be the same as your Google account. Give your video a title, type in a description (or have Siri do it; she’ll jump at the chance), and then set the resolution and privacy settings by scrolling down a bit. When you have it all set the way you want it, tap the Publish button, and your iPhone or iPad will send your video to YouTube.

Now you can take a quick video of your pugs chasing your cat, or kids playing the ukulele, or whatever you like, with no Mac middleman. Yay!

Via: Gotta Be Mobile