PDF2Office Pro for Mac Converts PDF Files Into Editable Office Docs [Deal Ending!]



I think PDF is one of the best file formats around. I send client files in PDF. Invoices in PDF. Resumes in PDF. Reports in PDF. The problem is when I get PDFs…and I want to do something else with them.

Yeah, that’s where PDF files can fall down. PDF files are awesome if the folks on the receiving end just need to read or review the content, not build on it. Sure, I can mark up PDF files. I do it all the time for galley proofs of my books, but when I get data or large chunks of text that I need to use in some other document…I can be up a creek.

This is exactly the situation PDF2Office is for—Edit PDF Files with PDF2Office Professional v6: Convert PDF & Windows XPS files into Editable Information

At 40% off ($60 versus $100), with a 30 day refund policy, this is a tool you should be grabbing at a discount. I didn’t think I needed a PDF converter around until I got a ton of marketing materials from a client…in PDF that they needed data out of (there were tables of data). When you need an app, you need it.