Apple Just Made The iPad Mini Event Official By Sending Out Invites




It’s finally here. After months of rumors and speculation, the iPad Mini keynote is just days away. Apple just sent out invites to their October 23rd event where they are expected to reveal the iPad Mini, 13-inch MacBook Pros with Retina display, and possibly some new iMacs. The tag line for the event is “We’ve got a little more to show you.”

The event will take place in San Jose at the California Theatre on October 23rd at 10AM PDT. Along with the new hardware, the iPad Mini event is rumored to focus heavily on iBooks. Cult of Mac will live-blog the event, so mark your calendars and tune in.





  • Clark Wallace

    A “little” more, iPad mini?

  • B066Y

    I kind of hope it’s something else entirely…Apple events have gotten boring with all the leaks.

  • Kirill Kliavin

    Don’t forget about The New iTunes

  • hanhothi

    I am hoping for an iWatch that links with my phone. Rumour has it Apple has been playing around with this concept, and the old iPod nano is no more. Hope it is not like the I’m Watch. Well, like that but working and actually gets delivered when ordered!.

  • Jeff Hurd

    Do you think the multicolored, speckled background is hinting that the iPad mini will come in various colors similar to the new iPod touch?

  • jrirish

    I’m still anxious to see if I’m right about 4G being included. Even so, if they’ve got an update to the iMac I’ll be totally ecstatic- I’ve been rocking my 24″ since 2008 and have just been waiting for the right time to upgrade. If anyone would like to see the rest of my predictions regarding the iPad mini, feel free to do so here –

  • Jason Anthony W

    I think the colors mean the iPad Mini will come in different colors. Just a thought…

  • Tory Chapman

    I hope its an iPhone mini! to compete with the Samsung GSIII. I highly doubt that it is an iPad mini.

  • thehighesttimes

    I seriously fucking hope this is NOT for an iPad Mini.

  • Shane Bryson

    I hope its an iPhone mini! to compete with the Samsung GSIII. I highly doubt that it is an iPad mini.

    The only explanation for a comment like this…you must be stupid.

  • Stephen Sohn

    Ok so the tag line is taking a lot of liberties. You gotta love Apple being so vague. As to the iPhone 5 launch and the huge “5”, this was expected. Think about it; the iPhone 4s was launched last fall. We have come to expect a new upgraded version of the iPhone year after year for the past 4 years. This also goes inline with the iPod as well. (for the most part upgraded in the fall)

     What we do know. Apple only holds a press release when revealing a new technology or upgraded technology. So on Oct. 23 we will see what Apple has in store for us. This could be an iPad mini, Mac Mini revamp or even iMac. Whatever it may be it is important enough to Apple to have a press release event to highlight this announcement. 

    Yes I do hope for an iPad Mini, (air, light, small iPad, tiny, nano) but until Tuesday we will not know for sure what Apple is planning.

  • CristianAE

    Two ideas
    One, the apple is the coast and leaf is the yatch designed by Phillip Starck or the shape of the apple is like the letter M, MINI IPAD

  • baby_Twitty

    Could it be iMac Nano?