The iPad Mini Apple Event May Focus More On iBooks [Rumor]


This isn't the real thing, but it's likely to be identical.
I still want to call this the iPad Air.

As you know, the upcoming media event for Apple’s smaller, thinner, and less expensive tablet, the as-yet-named iPad Air iPad mini, is being widely reported as happening on October 23,2012.

While the invites haven’t gone out yet, we’re seeing a rumor that the event will focus on iBooks, which makes a ton of sense considering that a smaller iPad is in the same market category as a device like the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is kind of like a souped-up eReader, with media consumption its main purpose, at least from Amazon’s perspective.

While this seems like a plausible rumor, I’m not ready to fully embrace it yet.

While iBooks is indeed in competition with Amazon and, to a lesser extent, Google and Barnes & Noble as an eReader device, I can’t help but see the iPad ecosystem in general as much bigger. Yes, a smaller iPad mini will be a fantastic form factor for reading and purchasing electronic books, magazines, and even textbooks. The new iPad is successful in this area as well.

It’s also fairly plausible that both iBooks and iBooks Author will get an update, as The Next Web is reporting, as they’re both overdue for some Apple tinkering. They’ll also most likely be some updates that are specifically due to the iPad mini, or whatever it will be called, simply because it makes sense to do so.

I don’t see how the event will “mostly” be about anything except the new, smaller iPad. Of course, time will tell, but there’s a lot more to be announced about such a cool new product than it’s eReader capabilities. What makes the iPad tablet so fantastic, and so much better–in my opinion–than the other tablets on the market, is the app ecosystem. The incredible wealth of apps available for an iPad of any size make it an ideal device for creation and consumption, gaming and productivity, reading and writing. It’s simply magical, to borrow a Jobsism.

I’d love to see a new iBooks, and of course can’t wait to see a new iPad Air, but this rumor, to me, is a bit on the airy side itself.

Source: The Next Web
Via: MacRumors

  • dcj001

    But Steve said that people don’t read anymore!

    I didn’t even read this article. I just saw the headline on Twitter, and I posted my comment.

    I guess that Steve was right, as usual.

  • Gheedsgreed

    Apple will never make an iPad mini. Never

  • Gary R McCray

    Agree completely with you Rob, it’s got to be all about the Mini.

    The author thing will probably get a boost, especially after the Apple antitrust publisher thing and my guess is if they want to succeed in this new and huge market, their going to have to adopt a less price gouging strategy or reviews will eventually turn sour for them.

    Still it’s an IPad and all that really well integrated stuff Apple has for it just slides right in.

    If the Mini introduction is at a reasonable price, Christmas is going to belong to Apple.

    But to keep it going their 3rd party Apps and products will actually need to compete price point wise with Amazon, Google and even Barnes and Noble.

    Going to be an interesting next few months.

  • hanhothi

    I am hoping for an iWatch. Something similar to the I’m Watch, but that actually works and gets delivered when someone orders and pays for one!

  • Shaun Green

    I do prefer the iPad Air name but all the pundits seem to think they will go with the Mini name.

    They need to differentiate this product from the main iPad but Apple likes to promote it’s products as multi-functional as possible to appeal to the widest audience so I don’t think that they will focus on any one aspect like iBooks. They will probably focus on the breadth of content available via iTunes and use that as the USP over the KIndle Fire and The Google Nexus. It will simply be a smaller/lighter/cheaper less powered iPad bit like the MBA is to the MBP.

    PS I love that mockup. I hope the final product looks just like that.

  • technochick

    I agree that this event will be about the larger ecosystem. Period. Apple doesn’t need this smaller iPad to compete with the Kindle etc and I am not going to be shocked if this small scale local event is about the still not released iTunes 11 and changes in the iTunes stores with hopefully more offerings, better quality and pricing etc. perhaps a small step improved Apple TV STB or at least some more apps on the current one

  • Shane Bryson

    Apple will never make an iPad mini. Never

    You are about to be proven extremely wrong.

  • Lane Jasper

    Apple will never make an iPad mini. Never

    Good luck with that theory.

  • Erwin Ilano

    how about making IBooks available to iMacs and Mac books?