Lytro Camera Launch With Better Controls, More Colors


Lytro’s Light Field cameras — the ones which let you refocus an image after you have taken it, are now on general sale. BEtter yet, they come in a range of Nano-tastic colors, and get a whole lot of new controls.

Shutter Speed- By manually controlling the shutter speed, Lytro photographers can keep the shutter open longer to capture living pictures in dark conditions. The maximum shutter speed is 8 seconds and the minimum is 1/250 second.

ISO Sensitivity – Controlling ISO gives Lytro photographers more ways to take creative living pictures in a variety of lighting conditions, from low-light concerts and restaurants to brightly lit soccer fields and amusement parks. The ISO range is 80 (min) to 3200 (max).

Neutral Density (ND) Filter – When in full manual mode, Lytro photographers can turn on the ND Filter to adjust the amount of light captured in extremely bright settings.

Auto Exposure (AE) Lock – Lytro photographers can lock the auto exposure while changing the composition of a picture in a scene.

Given that a lack of control was one of the biggest complaints about the original review units, this is great news. And I guess Lytro is hoping the candy-coated colors will distract people from the crappy images.

Source: lytro

  • seaaalex

    I was excited about Lytro when I first heard about it and really wanted one. And then I saw the pictures …