It’s Ugly and Extremely Orange, But It’ll Keep Your iPad from Drowning



LifeProof has definitely made an impact with the digital outdoors; seems I run into their sleek, modular, waterproof iPhone cases everywhere (we love them, btw). Now, the company is focusing on their new Nüüd iPad case, and the second available accessory for the case is the LifeJacket, a flotation device that fits around the waterproof Nüüd case and keeps the iPad from sinking into the murky depths after you’ve, say, calculated your dive profile.

If you’re not frequently yelling “arrghhh” or walking around the kitchen in flippers and goggles, the LifeJacket’s Safety Orange charm, fat girth and $60 price tag will probably annoy you. Fret not, landlubber, a handstrap/shoulderstrap accessory will be out by the end of the month.