Free App Puts Native Google Maps Back On Your iOS 6 iPhone


Behold! Native Google maps return to iOS 6!
Behold! Native Google maps return to iOS 6!

If the lack of a native Google Maps app on your iOS 6 device is giving you headaches, then good news: someone’s just made one, and you can grab it for free.

Katsumi Kishikawa has created an app for iPhone and iPad, called ClassicMap.

It’s a wrapper for map data culled from elsewhere. Its “Standard” mode shows you the same maps data that Apple’s own much-derided Maps app shows you in iOS 6. But flip up the bottom-right corner and tap “Classic”, and suddenly you’re back where you were in iOS 5: it looks, and behaves, like the Maps you knew and loved. The ones that Google created.

I say it behaves the same, but that’s not strictly true. This is much more basic, so there’s no direction-finding functionality and no Street View, and it feels quite a lot slower than the original. There’s no Points of Interest. But it works. It shows you where you are, and the search function shows you places you want to go. It’s got map, satellite and hybrid views in both Apple and Google – sorry, Standard and Classic – modes.

What’s more, for the technically minded among you, the whole project is up on GitHub for you to download and meddle with. It’s free. If your heart yearns for maps the way they used to be, go download it, before The Authorities decide to yank it off the Store.

Thanks: Chris Heathcote

  • tonymak

    search is very bad, searching a local store in NJ, USA put me in South Africa.

  • Chris Hunter

    I wonder what its using for search? Google Maps or is it pulling from Apple or something entirely different….

  • rlowe

    LOL this app runs very badly on my iPad 2. I completely don’t know how to pin, unpin, change to satelite, etc.

  • wdowell

    No public transport :(

  • FriarNurgle

    I’d be worried about it collecting all your data.

  • mr_bee

    If there are no directions, and no Streetview then you are actually better off with the iOS 6 Apple Maps app since that’s the only things that it’s missing.

    The author also incorrectly states that the old maps were “made by Google,” (they weren’t) and tells us that this thing is “slower” than the original, whereas Apple’s new maps are much faster than the old app.

    Why (the f*ck) would I use this again?

  • bfizzzle

    this app sucks wang

  • Cesar Florez

    this app is horrible. dont even bother to download not worth your 5 seconds

  • Matthew C. McGrath

    I searched for “Starbucks” and it put me in Mexico. I live in Seattle ?_?

  • Cgs101

    Google Maps on Safari is just fine, why bother with anything else ??

  • Exodus_Honey

    Not available in the Australian app store. (sigh) – it would be great if this site recognised its non-US readership once in a while.

  • Scott Townsend

    And…….it has been removed from the AppStore.

  • Kusamura