WSJ: Apple Orders 10 Million iPad Minis For This Fall’s Launch [Report]


Apple expects the iPad mini to be a big hit this holiday season.
Apple expects the iPad mini to be a big hit this holiday season.

Apple has reportedly placed an order for 10 million iPad mini units ahead of its much-anticipated launch this fall, according to component suppliers in Asia speaking to The Wall Street Journal. The figure indicates that Apple expects the device to be a big seller this holiday season, despite strong competition from the likes of Amazon and Google.

In comparison, that’s double the number of orders placed for the Amazon Kindle Fire during the same quarter, the suppliers say.

The iPad mini is rumored to sport a smaller 7.85-inch display, and be priced significantly lower than the 9.7-inch iPad in an effort to compete with cheaper devices like the Kindle Fire HD, and the Google Nexus 7. It’s widely expected to be unveiled later this month, with invitations going out on October 10, according to reports.

Analysts say that the popularity of devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Kindle Fire show that there is demand for smaller tablets. Diana Wu with Capital Securities said: “It makes sense for market leader Apple to extend its dominance in tablets with a smaller tablet.”

However, they also note that the device will need to be priced competitively in order for it to succeed. The Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7 are priced at $199, and RBS analyst Wanli Wang expects the iPad mini to come in at under $300.

Source: Wall Street Journal

  • Jacob Gibney

    So excited for this! The black looks sexy :P

  • Stephen Sohn

    I hope it has a cellular data ability. I am sure that capability will cost more just like the regular iPad, but it would be so worth it, to not have to lug around my big iPad. Don’t get me wrong I love my iPad it is part of me. I use it for just about everything. However, it is rather cumbersome. Especially, when the droid device are small light weight and compact enough to carry around and be used as a light weight E-Reader.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I’m just hoping for an A6. If it does have an A6, I’m picking this thing up on day one.

  • technochick

    I hope it has a cellular data ability. I am sure that capability will cost more just like the regular iPad,

    IF this device is real, I’m thinking no. Apple prides themselves on battery life especially for something they intend for you to carry around all day. Putting in cell ability means having room for another chip etc, two for Verizon since they would want this to be ‘world capable’ like the big one. Plus room for the sim tray. Even if they have no camera, which is unlikely, there isn’t enough room for all that without cutting back on something. The battery being the likely item. I don’t see Apple doing that. They are more likely to make it wifi only like the touch than cut back battery size and thus life.

    Not to mention that all the talk is that the intended audience for this is kids and Junior doesn’t need cell data.

  • alex503

    I wonder if the u.s is going to be the only country it gets released on launch day?

  • bishop341b

    Buy buy buy! Consume consume consume! I’m ready to throw my credit card at the computer screen!

  • Steven Quan

    Apple will price their iPad Mini competitively in relation to their own products which is why the iPad 2 will likely disappear after the Mini’s announcement. Apple dances to their own beat. When the first iPad came out and they priced it at $500 they did it because they felt that was the price people would be willing to pay for it. The MIni will be no different. I would be surprised if the Mini sold for $299 or anything less than $300. I would guess it would be closer to $349. The new 32GB iPod Touch is selling for $299 and the iPad starting around $500. I expect the Mini to be somewhere between those two numbers.