NYT: Street View Coming To Google Maps Web App In Two Weeks


Google knows how much we love Street View.
Google knows how much we love Street View.
  • Jdsonice

    And why does that matter? There is absolutely nothing wrong with Apple maps. Most complaints are from idiots who don’t know how to use maps in the first place.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Will google maps allow turn by turn directions in the web app? If not, then this doesn’t matter to me…Is there something about google maps that I’m missing? Do you guys go and just stare at maps all day or something? I ONLY use it for directions, but without google allowing turn by turn it kinda sucked for me. Who wants to look down at their device to see where they’re at?

  • Andy Murdock

    These two giants making competing map apps is a good deal for consumers.

  • hanhothi

    Great, that will tide me over until a real Maps App from Google comes out. Googles maps are the best! Apple can then stick their app up sideways, rounded corners or not.