Jonathan Mann Does Another Duet With Siri To Celebrate Her First Birthday [Video]



Remember Jonathan Mann? He became popular on YouTube for writing and uploading a brand new song each and every day, and he’s famous among Apple fans for writing a song about the iPhone 4’s Antennagate, which was played at a special press event held by Apple to discuss the issue. He also did a duet with Siri, which we covered back in October.

Mann’s now back with Apple’s digital assistant for a special happy birthday song.

This is Mann’s 1,365th song of the day. It’s pretty incredible that he’s been doing this for so long, I think.

Siri turns one on October 4 after making its debut on the iPhone 4S. It remained exclusive to the iPhone 4S until just recently, when iOS 6 brought the feature to the new iPad, the fifth-generation iPod touch, and of course the iPhone 5. Siri also got better with iOS 6, with the ability to find sports scores, restaurant reservations, and movie showtimes and reviews.

Source: YouTube

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