Chrome Updated For iPhone 5 and iOS 6


Longer screen means more website at one time.
Longer screen means more website at one time.

While Google Maps may no longer be available as either the default iOS map app or as a standalone app of its own, the search giant’s other flagship software has been quietly updated for iPhone 5,iOS 6, and an unspecified number of “Stability and security improvements,” according to the App Store description page for the alternate iOS browser.

While it still isn’t possible to change the default browser in Apple’s latest iOS6, Chrome brings many features to the table, like bookmark and tab sync with desktop Chrome browsers as well as more direct access to the Google ecosystem with a Google sign in.

It’s good to see that the browser is continuing to get updates, as it’s still my favorite browser to use on the iOS platform. I’d use it more, of course, if I could set it as the default browser, but having access to my bookmarks and saved tabs is fantastic, letting me use one good browser across all my computing environments. I like swiping between tabs, and the “Recently Closed” page when opening a new tab is simply brilliant.

Here’s to hoping for a long stay on iOS for the Chrome browser.

Source: App Store

  • kavi

    Good article, atleast u have the knowledge or open mind to praise google. Keep it on mate. I would like apple and google both work together to bring something new to consumer but competition is always good.