Apple’s Website Also Confirms ‘New iTunes’ Will Be Coming Today [Updated]


Prepare for a new version of iTunes today.
Prepare for a new version of iTunes today.

Apple isn’t a company known for silly blunders, but its website is revealing a host of unreleased products today. As we reported just moments ago, the Cupertino company already has links to its iPhone 5 and new iPod touch press releases set up, which can be found by searching for the devices on its website. But that’s not all: a “new iTunes” has also been discovered.

Recent rumors have claimed that iTunes will be rebuilt from the ground up this year, but not many of us were expecting to see the new software today. However, with Apple already making preparations for the press release, it looks almost certain that iTunes 11 will be unveiled in just a few hours time.

Back in April, sources claimed that iTunes 11 would make its debut alongside iOS 6 this year. They also reported that the software wouldn’t look a lot different externally, but that there would be some significant changes made “under-the-hood,” including deeper iCloud integration, and better app search and discovery tools.

Update: Fox’s Clayton Morris claims that today’s update won’t be the major iTunes 11 redesign we’ve been waiting for:


Via: MacRumors