U.S. Retailers See 27-Inch iMac Shortage Ahead Of September Apple Event


Will we see a new iMac alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad mini this September?
Will we see a new iMac alongside the iPhone 5 and iPad mini this September?

Several major retailers across the United States are seeing stock shortages of the 27-inch iMac as we approach Apple’s rumored September 12 event, sparking speculation that the popular all-in-one could be in line to receive a refresh alongside the iPhone 5 (and possibly even an iPad mini).

Sources for AppleBitch claim that Amazon, Best Buy, and J&R are seeing shortages of the 27-inch iMac, particularly the high-end model with the 3.1GHz processor. Best Buy is said to be completely out of this model — both online and in its retail stores — and it has no idea when the desktop will become available again.

It’s the same story for J&R, a major Apple reseller, which is also completely out of the high-end 27-inch iMac. As for Amazon, it does have small numbers of high-end models available, according to AppleBitch, but it has none of the entry-level 27-inch models.

What’s interesting is that stock of the 24-inch iMacs seems to be okay.

These shortages follow the discovery of a new iMac back in June, which popped up in Geekbench 2 benchmark tests with an Intel Core i7-3770 (Ivy Bridge) 3.4GHz quad-core processor, and 1,600 MHz RAM. Of course, existing iMacs features Intel’s older Sandy Bridge processor, accompanied by 1,333 MHz RAM.

In addition to this, it has been rumored that Apple would be bringing a Retina display to its most popular desktop following its introduction to the MacBook Pro. However, a 27-inch Retina display seems unlikely at this point. Even if it’s possible, it would cost a fortune.

Via: AppleBitch

  • dcj001

    “What’s interesting is that stock of the 24-inch iMacs seems to be okay.”

    It is my understanding that Apple is not currently selling a 24″ iMac. Did you mean to refer to a 21.5″ iMac, Killian?

  • Eric Moore

    Apple hasn’t made a 24″ iMac since 2009. It may be nothing more than a processor refresh. Or maybe they are going to kill the 27″ iMac and Cinema Displays because Apple every day becomes less and less concerned with professionals that actually need computing devices for something other than media consumption.

  • Alfred2612

    It’s about time the iMacs were refreshed anyway. A LOT of stuff is due or overdue. New iMacs, iPhone, iPod, and of course this iPad mini rumour to boot.

  • PaulS

    REALLY? A source named Applebitch? This is where credible information comes from? In your pinch to write something just to write something and not bother to do any of your own research did you consider your sources name would mean more to me in a porn movie than actual tech info? Is this a trolling move by you to Samsung some research (probably not their own research) from Applebitch because it has the “B” word in it and you figure that would attract a few extra readers? Go find a good iPhone 5 (rumor) or better yet make up one to call your own instead of embarrassing yourself with hijacked info from a source that should be slapped just for considering such a ridiculous name and expecting the public to think their reporting is credible.