Apple And Samsung CEOs Talk, But Find No Resolution


You weren't expecting Apple to issue a straight and sincere apology, were you?
You weren't expecting Apple to issue a straight and sincere apology, were you?

As we reported earlier today, Apple and Samsung CEOs were on deck to sit down and have a last chat before jury deliberations begin in the next couple of days. The plan was for Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun to talk on the telephone and perhaps come to some sort of peace before any potential damage can be done by the full jury resolution of the trial taking place in Northern California over the alleged patent infringement Apple took Samsung to court over, and that Samsung then countersued Apple for.

While the telephone call took place today, there was no resolution, according to an in-court report by Kevin Johnson, a Samsung attorney.

“We will see you tomorrow,” he said.

The presiding judge, US District Justice Lucy Koh, had urged the two companies to have a meeting of the minds last week, when she said that she could foresee negative consequences for both parties.

Apple continues to claim that Samsung copied the design and features of the iPad and iPhone, and continues to seek a sales ban on infringing Samsung products as well as monetary damages. Samsung, for its part, continues to counter-claim that it was Apple, in fact, that infringed Samsung’s patents, including some key wireless technologies.

Top executives from both Apple and Samsung have taken part in mediation talks with a US judge prior to the current trial, but then, as now, no resolution could be found.

Attorneys for both companies will present their closing arguments tomorrow.

Source: Reuters

  • RaptorOO7

    This is one patent battle that is without any true value beyond ego’s. The only way to get things done would be to lock to the two CEO’s in a room and not let them out until its settled. Perhaps arbitration, mediation or arm wrestling would be better.

    Even if one or both companies win something consumers lose in the end. Higher costs at the retail end, delays in product development, etc. No one truly wins. Apple has clearly taken design cue’s from others and so has everyone else in the market (whether its Apple or another mfg). The fashion, automotive industries are just as guilty. Is it right or wrong, don’t know, don’t care. I say that because at the pace of mobile technology innovation and how quickly ideas are designed past or evolve these ideas will be old.

    That is why software patents should not exist longer than 1-2 years if at all.

  • BigLama

    no one wins, the conusmers are the ones that end up suffering. i just hope its not a devastating thing for us.