Tim Cook To Make Last-Ditch Attempt To Reach Agreement With Samsung CEO Over Telephone


Tim Cook is hoping to make a last-minute arrangement with Samsung before the jury steps in.
Tim Cook is hoping to make a last-minute arrangement with Samsung before the jury steps in.

The lengthy Apple vs. Samsung trial is now reaching a close, and this week the jury will make a verdict on who’s guilty of what. But before that happens, Apple CEO Tim Cook is set to make a last-ditch attempt to reach an agreement with Samsung CEO Kwon Oh Hyun over the telephone.

Lawyers representing both parties will then report the outcome of the meeting to Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over the trial in San Jose.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Tim Cook has attempted to reach a deal with Samsung. You may remember that he held talks with the company’s CEO back in May in an attempt to narrow the case before the trial began. The companies could not meet a resolution on that occasion, but this time around things could be a little different.

Back then, Cook met with Geesung Choi, president and chief executive of Samsung’s digital media division. This time he’ll speak to Oh Hyun, who took over as Samsung CEO back in June.

Oh Hyun was viewed as an “Apple friendly CEO,” and his appointment was seen as a sign that the Korean company was ready to make peace with Apple before losing its biggest customer. Despite their legal battles, Apple uses Samsung’s flash memory, mobile processors, and displays in a number of its products, including iPods, Macs, and its hugely successful iOS devices.

If Cook can’t reach a deal with Samsung this time around, then the trial will go to jury deliberations. That’s expected to happen as early as Tuesday, but the jury is currently awaiting new verdict paperwork after both companies called for it to be altered.

Source: Bloomberg

Via: AppleInsider