Adonit’s Pressure-Sensitive Jot Touch iPad Stylus Finally Available


Even the USB charger is cool-looking.

It’s taken a while, but finally the pressure-sensitive iPad styluses are starting to ship after a long, long time in development. Now Adonit, the company behind the hot, hot Writer jeyboard case for the iPad, has launched its Jot Touch.

Yes, that’s “launched” as in, “you can buy it right now,” as in “$99 and ships in 1-2 days.”

The Jot Touch uses Bluetooth 2 to communicate with the iPad (models 2 or 3) and tell it the level of pressure you’re applying. There are also two buttons on the barrel for custom shortcuts, depending on which app you’re using (more on that in a second) and the tip uses the odd-looking but great-in-practice disk style of tip. This provides a big enough area for the iPad’s capacitive screen to actually detect, while also showing you exactly where you are pointing.

And those apps? Adonit has rounded up an impressive set of apps for its launch: Autodesk’s Sketchbook apps, Procreate, Notes Plus and even Smile’s PDF Pen are in an ever-growing list.

There is a review unit winging its way to the Cult of Mac test lab complex as we speak, so we’ll be able to offer a review soon.

Source: Adonit

Thanks: Rafael!



    BlueTooth-2? For crying out loud, it’s August 2012 now, not 2007. Where’s the “power-sipping” BT4 tech?

  • technochick

    Aside from the Bluetooth issue, I can do that disk tip thing. Tried it and it’s more distraction than help to me

  • Pasi Saarinen

    …and it doesn’t have palm rejection as promised by early specs.
    Apparently v2 will have that and BT4…

    Kinda destroys the whole purpose of it for me.

    …sooo mooooore waiting for the 2nd gen.

    pffft… :(

  • Carlton Arts

    I’ve been waiting eagerly for this and finally have it. I’ve tested it thoroughly and am disappointed.
    The pressure sensitivity at this time is only set for opacity. No override is available yet to assign this setting to brush size.
    Also the levels of sensitivity is not registering on my stylus (Only three levels are registering and they are not smooth transitions either). Maybe it defective. The manufacturer said the apps are partially responsible for this since the apps sets the limit to how well it “reads” the stylus.
    Until the apps catch up with this stylus I would pass for now. I can see why Adonit, the manufacturer took so long to release this. I can only guess the other competitors will be releasing theirs soon and Adonit wanted to get a jump on sales.
    My video review will be up shortly.