Apple Wanted iPhone To Have Curved Glass Display, Would Have Cost Too Much


curved glass iPhone concept

More juicy tidbits keep surfacing in the Apple vs. Samsung patent trial. We’ve already seen dozens and dozens of early iPhone and iPad prototypes, and we all learned that Apple literally designs products around a kitchen table. A new finding reveals that Apple had “strong interest” in curved glass for the original iPhone, but the idea was shelved because it would have costed too much to make at the time.

Former Apple Industrial Design Creative Lead Douglas Satzger left Apple in 2008 after working on the first three models of the iPhone. Network World found some interesting info in Satzger’s deposition for the Apple vs. Samsung case, namely that “shaped glass” was considered for Apple’s smartphone.

According to Satzger in his deposition, “The technology in shaping the glass, the cost relative to shaping the glass at the time, and some of the design features of this specific shape were not liked.” The cost of shaping the glass was said to be “a lot.” The technology and qualities of glass at the time helped kill the idea.

Many smartphone makers, including Google and Samsung, have put out phones with curved glass, like the Nexus S. Rumors say that Apple’s next iPhone will be larger (4 inches) and thinner, but alas, no curved glass.

Source: Network World

Via: The Next Web

Image: Michal Bonikowski

  • matrix3D

    “Costed too much?” Come on, people…

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    It costed too much because they cutted too little from the other components.

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    Lol. That is an awesome headline, “Apple Wanted iPhone To Have Curved Glass Display, Would Have Costed Too Much.” Alex Heath writed it, and I readed it!

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    Would have costED someone their job…

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    I have to say, the headline here completely distracts readers from the article (which is a good article, BTW) as you can see from the comments.

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    How can you even say that in your head and have it sound OK, much less type it out.. twice.

    Anyways I’m pretty surprised they would have even considered a curved touch screen. That seems like a really bad idea.

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    Would have been cools to have a curved display.

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