These Original iPad And iPhone Prototypes Show What Apple’s Devices Could Have Looked Like [Gallery]



To go along with the recent images of the original iPhone 4 prototype we reported on today, The Verge uncovered a trove of early iPad and iPhone prototype images from the Samsung vs Apple legal documents. At one point Apple was seriously considering an integrated kickstand for the iPad, kind of like the Microsoft Surface.

As far as the iPhone goes, there’s a few ugly prototypes with awkward corners, elongated screens, and bulky cases that look similar to the Lumia 900. It’s interesting to see how much refinement Apple’s design team does on a single idea. Most of the prototypes are a little rough to start out with but as time progresses Apple really nails the simplicity of the device. Check it out:


 iPad Prototypes








iPhone Prototypes







If you want to see more angles and mock-ups of the prototypes, head over to The Verge for even more pictures



Source: The Verge