Apple To Release New iPhone, iPad mini, iPod touch This Fall, iPad 4 Coming Next Year With Familiar Design [Rumor]


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We just heard that Apple plans to announce the next iPhone, iPod lineup, and iPad mini at an event on September 12th, and now more rumors have surfaced regarding Apple’s iPhone and iPad roadmap, including the iPad 4 and some new cases.

While Apple is expected to ship the iPad mini by November, it’s currently unclear if the smaller tablet will ship at the same time as the iPhone 5 or not. The next major version of the current iPad is rumored to be a more of an evolutionary upgrade to the third-gen iPad, and Apple is expected to implement the same smaller dock connector that will be in the new iPhone.

iLounge offers several new tidbits after iMore reported the September 12th/21st announcement/launch dates this morning.

Affirming what we’ve already heard, iLounge also says that the new iPhone will be out by mid to late-September. A new iPod touch will also be announced at Apple’s September media event and it will “grow in screen size and performance relative to its 3.5”-screened, A4 CPU-based predecessor.” Expect a 4-inch display like the new iPhone. Interestingly, iLounge seems to think that the iPod nano will not see a refresh.

Regarding the iPad mini, iLounge says:

The iPad mini will apparently not be ready to ship at the same time as the new iPhone, and might* have its own debut event. Our source says that it could ship by November, which we noted would be really close to year’s end, during a month that typically doesn’t see new hardware releases from Apple; our source stood firm on the target date. On the accessory front, Apple is working on smaller versions of the iPad Smart Cover and iPad Smart Case for the iPad mini.

Two Apple cases are also being worked on for the iPhone 5 as well, according to the report. One is similar to the current Bumper case, while the other is something else entirely. Interesting.

iLounge also offers some of the first information regarding the fourth-gen iPad. The third-gen “new iPad” was released back in March, and Apple is logically expected to announce the next iPad around the same timeframe in 2013. The iPad 4 is said to be a “modest” upgrade in terms of physical design changes, although Apple is expected to implement the rumored 19-pin dock connector. According to iLounge, the iPad 4 will also have a rear-side microphone and spec-improving/heat-reducing changes.

Don’t get the iPad 4 confused with the iPad mini; the first will be the successor to the current iPad and retail for $500, while the second will feature a smaller 8-inch screen and cheaper price point.

iLounge has had some sketchy predications in the past, but the publication did get third-gen iPad details right. iLounge was one of the first proponents of a longer and thinner iPhone 5 with metallic back. Purported part leaks of the new iPhone show a design that matches up with predictions.

So, it would be wise to hold off on buying any iOS device Apple currently sells until September.

Source: iLounge

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  • Shane Bryson

    No iPad mini.

  • extra_medium

    The best thing about a new iPad every year is that I might be able to finally convince myself that I can justify thinking about buying the iPad 3 at that point.

  • Martin Dobson

    IF apple released an iPad mini, I can only really see it for in vehicle use. I don’t recall where I read it but I saw somewhere that Apple wanted to “fix” the in car experience. Face it, Radio stations in the car are stupid experiences. Set playlists, talking heads, commercials, and all sorts of other stuff that don’t pertain to you. If there’s one specific thing that Apple is best at, it is fixing user experiences with existing gadgets. At the iOS6 conference back in June they talked about a Phone free Siri feature that some auto manufacturers are willing to explore where you have a button in the car that activates siri. This section of the keynote showed a god ugly iphone mount holding on to the 4s accompanying it.

    Android has successfully given cell phone manufacturers a much better OS then what they were all previously running. Think about car stereos as well (I did car install for 5 years and had all kinds of experience with Pioneer, Sony, Kenwood, Alpine, JVC, etc) and all the aftermarket manufacturers of double DIN decks have nice looking hardware but their operating system is shit. Factory decks are no better. Wow, you have a 6 disk changer with an aux input that can play AM/FM radio? Wow. Now imagine this being able to house a docked (speculated) iPad Mini with navigation, bluetooth, Siri, telephone, messages. Etc. Instead of that basic factory deck.

    I can see Apple supplying this hardware opportunity to auto manufacturers and having them not bother with engineering their own. (“Hmm.. we can spend all kinds of R&D $$ and make something half assed… or we could include an iPad Mini dock and pay some programmer to make an app for us”) Seems like a no brainer.

    Although, they would still need some sort of thinky box from the manufacture as not everyone uses Apple products. I just figure that the rumours of an iPad Mini seems to talk about a screen size similar to aftermarket double DIN head units… it could happen.

  • neousis

    In late 2010, Steve Jobs commented on the sudden influx of 7-inch tablets by calling them ‘tweeners. He said that Apple had considered 7-inch displays for the iPad, but after extensive testing, a 7-inch screen was too small to really be useable.


  • neousis

    In late 2010, Steve Jobs commented on the sudden influx of 7-inch tablets by calling them ‘tweeners. He said that Apple had considered 7-inch displays for the iPad, but after extensive testing, a 7-inch screen was too small to really be useable.


  • billyrob51

    Apple Predictions for The Rest of 2012:
    “Oct 23:
    iMemory is released.
    Like the Men In Black gizmo,
    it erases bad memories.
    I tried it and it works.
    I now have no recollection of
    the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.”
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