Discover The New And Hidden Features Of Mountain Lion On The CultCast



Our Mountain Lion Megasode is here, and on this minty-new CultCast, we’ll tell you what we like, what we love, and which hidden features we’ve discovered in Apple’s new big kitty.

Plus, should you upgrade or do a clean install of Mountain Lion? We ponder that very question, then tell you when a clean install makes more sense and how to do it the right way on this all-new megasode.

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CultCast #24 – RAWRs Of The Mountain Lion

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  • markrlangston

    I really appreciated how you guys broke down how skeuomorphic design is important and still desirable. This is why I ignore statements about iOS’ interface being boring and stale. The reason iOS and its devices are popular is because of its ease of use and ability to master quickly.

    And yes, Win8 is grossly and violently uninspiring. It’s clean and simplistic but it’s incredibly boring.

    Great job gentlemen.

  • Guest

    I just got my redemption code this morning at 8, so I haven’t been able to test anything out yet. Also I use the podcast app everyday and this update is great. It’s stopped re-adding unsubscribed and deleted podcasts, and stopped adding blank podcasts, so that’s a big plus for me. The only issue I have with the new update is it randomly marks old episodes as being unplayed, but that’s easy enough to deal with until the next update comes.

    And btw, I. Listen to your podcast first thing every Friday. It’s not only the best apple conversation I hear all week, but the only.

  • ??nD ??os??A

    I really appreciate all the work you do, and the analysis and insight, but have you ever counted how many times the phrase “ya know” is used in your podcast? It’s distracting as heck.

  • Buster

    @AwesomeDuck i’m not a professional broadcaster unfortunately.

  • Vert Estrada

    AirServer to send airplay from iPhone to iMac. works with mountain lion also.

  • ggore

    In the last 15 minutes of the podcast, while the guys were talking about the movie Batman, the word “like” was uttered a total of 157 times!!!!! It sounded like a bunch of Valley Girls. One used it 5-6 times in one sentence. Need to get a better grip on the English language.