Apple’s iOS Podcasts App Gets Promised Update With More Stability And Bug Fixes



As reported earlier today, Apple has indeed updated its relatively new Podcasts app for iOS with a number of major bug fixes and stability improvements. It’s gracious to say that the original version of Podcasts had some… issues. Namely, podcasts wouldn’t always sync via iCloud between devices and the app as a whole was super sluggish.

With this new 1.0 update, many of the issues plaguing current users should be addressed.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

Podcasts 1.0.1 provides a number of improvements, including:

• Significant improvements to performance and stability
• Podcasts in your library now show the number of unplayed episodes
• Top Stations now show the podcast title if artwork is missing
• Playback speed is now remembered when playing the next episode
• Fix for a problem where the Subscribe button is inactive
• Resolution of an issue where Top Stations artwork may not appear

You can download Podcasts for free in the iOS App Store.

  • Harold Kelly

    Wow. I can already tell the difference. This is where the app should have started to begin with. I did notice that some of the podcasts that I had subscriptions to where not showing as that. The episodes where there but not the newest. I also saw a couple of older podcasts that I had unsubscribed from where there again. So, maybe still a little foggy…but it’s way better in performance!

  • Jeff

    Just downloaded the update and it’s already crashed three times. It also won’t download files and keeps freezing. Not impressed at all.

  • shannon_f

    So yea, the damn cloud sync still doesnt work. Jesus Apple get it together. Jobs is rolling in his grave right now

  • portenkirchner

    Still unresponsive and crashing from time to time.
    No iTunes sync makes this app useless for me.