Apple Tech Support Acknowledges Issue With Mountain Lion Download Codes, Fix Coming Later Today


It's free, but you'll have to wait for it if you're in the up-to-date program.
Free to eligible customers, but you'll have to wait for it.

Several readers have contacted Cult of Mac to report that Apple is issuing them used redemption codes for OS X Mountain Lion through the free up-to-date program. The Cupertino company’s customer support line has acknowledged the issue, and promises a fix is coming later today.

Apple has offered Mac customers who purchased their machine after June 11 a free upgrade to Mountain Lion, which comes in the form of a redemption code that must be entered into the Mac App Store. The problem is, a lot of users are reporting that the codes don’t work.

According to those having problems, the Mac App Store is stating that some redemption codes have already been used. Of course, this prevents Mountain Lion from being downloaded.

It’s a frustrating problem if you’re itching to install the upgrade, but Apple customer support has acknowledged the issue, and it promises a fix will come later today. It’s unclear whether new codes will be sent out, but one reader told us that they’ve been advised to try again this afternoon.

Are you having troubles redeeming your code?

  • Clem_E

    It is so frustrating!!!

    When I received the email from Apple with the content code I was so excited. And then when I read: This code has already been used, well…. -_-

  • Joe A. Vargas

    I’m one of those people having issues w/ their redemption codes and, yes, it’s frustrating.

  • barrylindler

    I had the issue, but when I clicked on Mountain Lion, the Purchase icon said Download – and its downloading fine, even though it said my code had already been used.

  • Clem_E

    @barrylindler : Maybe you’ve just paid for it!

  • barrylindler

    @barrylindler : Maybe you’ve just paid for it!

    I hope not! – it never asked for a password, so we must be good to go!

  • Christopher Healey

    I called apple and spoke to them. The rep that i spoke with was not as optimistic as the one your referenced reader spoke to however. She told me it should be fixed within a week or so that they were actively working on it but had several other problems regarding the launch as well. Would be fantastic if it was fixed soon… really soon…

  • Justin Kram

    How quickly are people getting their codes once they submit the request?

  • Clem_E

    @JustinKram : for me it was like less that 10min

  • kevin8198

    Anyone else trying to get a code and it says that you need to enter the number of qualifying macs… and no matter what number is in that field it highlights red and says it’s incorrect?

  • deshiknaves

    I just got an email saying it would take 5-7 business days. This is just not good enough for something we were promised when we bought out Retina MacBook pros (especially with the bugs this machine has under lion).

  • weltraumpirat

    Later this day… Hm, late in the evening here in Germany ;)
    So let’s wait and see…

  • Mike Drips

    I bought a new MBA in June. I am one of the people who got the “this code has already been redeemed” message. I spoke to Apple on the phone and they said it could take up to 72 hours, which would be MONDAY, to resolve the issue. Very frustrating, but I’ll wait until Monday if need be. Sending them another $19.99 for Mountain Lion after I should be getting it for free TODAY isn’t going to happen.

  • jfksdca

    I registered about an hour ago and haven’t received an email from Apple.

  • Buster

    @deshiknaves 5-7business days?! wow, that’s absolutely ridiculous. I’d be surprised if it actually takes that long, seems like others are hearing 72 hours

  • RadTech5000

    I registered over 3 hours ago no e-mail yet, I’m sure it will come though.