OS X Mountain Lion’s Free Up-To-Date Program Is Now Live



It took a good half hour, but Apple has now activated OS X Mountain Lion’s free up-to-date program following this morning’s release, allowing users with a qualifying Mac to get their hands on the latest release without paying a penny. All you need to qualify is a new Mac purchased after June 11, 2012.

To get your free copy, simply fill out the quick and simple form on Apple’s website. You will then receive two emails: one with a PDF file containing your Mountain Lion redemption code for the Mac App Store, and another with a password that opens that PDF file.

All you need to do once you have your redemption code is paste it into the Mac App Store to begin your download.

Anyone who purchased a Mac between June 11 and July 25 — whether it was from Apple’s online store, and Apple retail store, or an Apple authorized reseller — is entitled to a free update to Mountain Lion, and you can make your claim up until August 24, 2012.

For those who purchase their machine after June 25, you’ll also be entitled to a free upgrade if your new Mac didn’t come with Mountain Lion pre-installed. You’ll have 30 days to make your claim, and you’ll need to use a different form on Apple’s website.

Apple states that you’ll receive your code within 24 hours of making your claim.

Source: Apple

  • wesredman

    Got my emails and codes from Apple. But when putting the code in the first time, it says the code was already used. And now I wait…..

  • Dusty Craine

    @wesredman – I’m having the same problem. I got my redemption email quick enough but when I used the redemption code it said it was already used. I hope Apple resolves this quickly. It’s my first experience with an OS upgrade from Apple. So far I’m a tad disappointed.

  • TopherHengge

    I’m sure many people will be asking this, so if there is another link that I could be directed to for an answer just let me know – but we bought my wife a new MacBook Pro in June and she is qualified to receive a free copy of Mountain Lion. Is there any way that I can install Mountain Lion for free on my MacBook Pro as well or do I need to purchase it? Thanks!

  • barrylindler

    If you get the error that your code was already used, just check the store – mine did the same thing, but it was just so fast, the purchase icon under Mountain Lion changed to Download. it accepted the code.

  • Alex Crouch

    I submitted a claim on the apple website but haven’t heard anything back for about two hours. how long did it take for you guys?

  • elixeus

    @CultofMac: I think you mean July 25th, NOT June 25th, at least that makes much more sense to me – probably just a typo.

  • Buster

    @elixeus nope. we meant what we said