Go Pro: Export GarageBand Files From Your iPad To Logic On Your Mac [iOS Tips]


When it's time to get serious, serious musicians use Logic.
When it's time to get serious, serious musicians use Logic.

GarageBand is awesome, we know. But when it comes time to get a little more professional, professionals (and their pro-sumer brethren) choose Logic Pro, now owned by Apple.

If you’ve been using GarageBand on your iPad, of course, you might wonder how to get these files into Logic Pro, so you can add all the professional polish that such a Digital Audio Workstation provides, using the files you perhaps created on the road with your iPad. Or even the ones you created downstairs on your iPad – it’s cool. Because Logic Pro is not available on the iPad, but GarageBand is.

First, launch GarageBand on the iPad. If you’re currently in a song, pop out to the browser screen by tapping the My Songs button in the upper left. Now, tap the Edit button (upper right corner) and the little song preview thumbnails will wiggle. Tap the song you want to get to Logic Pro and it will highlight. tap on the Share button, which is the little square-with-the-swoosh-arrow in it.

Choose iTunes from the drop down menu and then tell your iPad to use the GarageBand format with a tap on the GarageBand option icon. Once it disappears, tap Done in the upper right hand corner, and you’re ready for the next step.

Connect your iPad to your Mac with the USB cable, and launch iTunes. Select your iPad under the Devices section, and navigate to the Apps tab. Scroll down and you’ll see all the apps with file sharing capability. Scroll through that list until you see the GarageBand app icon. Click on it, and you’ll see a list of the songs from GarageBand that you prepared via the method above. Click the song you want to import, and click Save to… Save the file somewhere you can find it, like your Desktop.

Now, if you double click the file and you have GarageBand installed on your Mac, it will open in GarageBand. If you only have Logic Pro installed, it will open in that app. If you have both, chances are it will open in GarageBand. The best bet is to launch Logic Pro, then either open the file from within Logic, or drag and drop the file to the Logic icon in the Dock.

Now you can create your music while out and about, but still bring it home to work it up with Logic Pro. Slick, right?

Via: iSmashPhone