Analyst Estimates Strongly Divided Over Apple Q3 Earnings



Apple is set to announce its quarterly earnings today and host a conference call at 2:00 PM Pacific, so naturally, analysts have been making last minute predictions about what they think today’s results may bring.

To make sense of all these predictions, Phillip Elmer-Dewitt has compiled a list of predications from 68 analysts over at CNNMoney. The results? Divided expectations.

The analyst predictions compiled for the list include 34 independent and 34 institutional analysts. As predicted, the independent analysts were much less cautious with their predictions, estimating stronger sales as well as revenue.

The largest discrepancy appears between iPad sales estimates, Apple’s newest product category. In terms of revenue, the institutional analysts are estimating $37.21 billion while independent analysts have predicted a stronger $41.49 billion.

Last quarter, Apple reported a revenue of $39.2 billion. You can view a full chart of analyst expectations below.

You can view more detail about these estimates over at CNNMoney. Remember, Apple’s earnings are set to be announced today at 2:00 PM Pacific. Stay tuned to Cult Of Mac more more details.

Source: CNNMoney Via: MacRumors