The iPad Is Changing How We View And Respond To Ads


iPad user responses to search ads is changing how companies spend ad dollars.
iPad user responses to search ads is changing how companies spend ad dollars.

Studies released earlier this year strongly indicated that the iPad is one of the most effective online advertising vehicles out there. iPad users are more likely to respond to ads than users of most other devices and more likely to  purchase or research a product after seeing an ad on their device.

A new study confirms this trend and raises the possibility that the iPad may be subtly reshaping the online advertising industry.

The new study was conducted by ad management vendor Marin Software, which gathered data from more than 1,500 ad agencies. The big data point in the study is that paid search ads like the ones embedded in Google search results have grown as the iPad (and other tablets) has become a mainstream device. That growth has actually caused companies to purchase more search ads. Overall, the report notes that search ads were up 40% from the previous quarter as a result.

As with the earlier study, this one notes that iPad and tablet users deliver more click-throughs than Mac or PC users. It even goes a bit further. Not only are iPad and tablet search ads growing quarter after quarter, they now represent a significant share of all ad follow through – 8% of all search ad click-throughs (click or tapping on an ad) come from tablet devices.

The study also notes that overall tablet click-through rates are 42% higher than click-throughs for ads served to a Mac or PC. At the same time iPad and mobile ads are still cheaper for companies to buy than ads displayed in a browser on a computer.

Put all these studies together and it becomes clear that a well-designed iPad-centric ad campaign can be less expensive than other campaigns while delivering more effective results.

Source: TabTimes