What If Samsung Shamelessly Ripped Off Apple’s Logo The Same Way It Rips Off Apple’s Designs? [Humor]



Samsung rips off everything about Apple.

They’ve ripped off the iPhone. They’ve ripped off the Mac mini. They’ve ripped off  the iPhone 3G. They’ve ripped off the iPad Smart Cover. Heck, they’ve even ripped off Apple’s commercial actresses.

We were wondering, then, what it would look like if Samsung just went whole hog and decided to design themselves a new logo the same way they “designed” their smartphones and tablets: by stealing their ideas wholesale from Apple.

Ready? Without further ado, here’s Samsung’s new logo:

Pretty dead on, don’t you think.

Image: Wade Lageose
Thanks: Jeremy Silman

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16 responses to “What If Samsung Shamelessly Ripped Off Apple’s Logo The Same Way It Rips Off Apple’s Designs? [Humor]”

  1. Niall Gilding says:

    Yet another pointless post, which just devalues the rest of the (good) content posted on this website.  Stop trying too hard to make your news page look fresh and instead just give us real news instead of this junk and blatant plugs for apps from your sponsors…

  2. RadTech5000 says:

    It seems at the moment there is nothing stoping Samdung from doing anything they want. I just hope I live to see the day Samdung crushed by Apple.

  3. Aj Tk427 says:

    Ok, so without a doubt, the dumbest post yet on CoM.  It’s not even funny!!!

  4. fabianumpierre says:

    they will copy this idea from Cult of Mac too.

  5. MrBilly says:

    You forgot to set the name “samsung” in MyriadPro. Seriously, you know they’d do it.

  6. C14KAA says:

    Oh…My…God… truly worst biased narrow minded apple post I’ve ever seen. Are these the type of people giving information on Apple products,blind leading the blind?  think I’ll unsubscribe and find another more worthy site.

  7. Timothy Gould says:

    This article brought to you by the same people who promoted MacKeeper a month or so ago…

  8. worm says:

    It should say “written by: John Brownlee (humor)” because you’re a joke

  9. Sean Liu says:


  10. Jason Feriani says:

    Wow, this dude works for the right website that’s for sure… Let’s see,I’m pretty sure there were rectangle phones that were touch before the iphone. And when did Apple not follow others lead? Please, Apple is lame now, period. Look, they are going to up the screen size even after it was stated their current size was perfect, lol, wtf ever. Just another example of them trying to play catch up and following designs from, guess who, Samsung among others. This website is such a joke. I love to follow just to see what the Apple fans read to keep themselves brain washed into thinking the iPhone is still relavant to anyone other than a sheep.

  11. Drmstix303 says:

    The author probably just needed to scrap together some crappy article to meet his quota for the month. But he will be a billionaire once Samsung actually does change their logo to that! :-P

  12. Boris Terekidi says:

    Dumb post.

  13. Brett DrMorph WilliamShaw says:

    i am quite happy to say i have left the “Nazi Ways” of apple and their ancient technology and gone to Samsung for their iphone killing Galaxy S3. i will never buy or refer apple to my friends. sorry apple, youre just too slow. alot of my friends have now ditched their horrible iphone 4 and 4S devices and moved on to fresher and faster devices: Samsung and HTC. very very narrow minded post on Cult of Mac. i can see a law suit happening over this one…..

  14. flitzy says:

    Don’t see what is wrong with this.. I think it’s pretty spot on.

    Seriously, Samsung does nothing expect make cheap, terrible products. I could see them trying to mimic Apple even more then they already do.

  15. CharilaosMulder says:

    “Supposedly, each product category will come with their own individual colors and be linked to the new Samsung logo.” – That’s more like a Microsoft ripoff.

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