Samsung Shamelessly Steals Child Actress From iPhone 4S Commercial To Shill Galaxy Tab [Video]



Samsung has shamelessly ripped-off Apple‘s products every step of the way, but this has got to be a new — well, not low, but something. Not content to just rip-off Apple’s product designs, Samsung is now stealing the very actresses from Apple’s own commercials!

Note the Samsung advertisement for their 8.9-Inch LTE Galaxy Tab above, then compare it to the iPhone 4S ad below. Does that cute moppet of a little girl look familiar? She should: she’s incredibly distinct, and featured in both ads.

I suppose it’s possible that she just turned coat and really does prefer the Galaxy Tab to an iPhone 4S, but let’s not totally rule out brainwashing here. What next, Samsung? Will you send agents to the seat of Sir Jonathan Ive one night, tie him up in a burlap sack and kidnap him to South Korea to toil away on your mad designs for years in a secret underground bunker?