Samsung Shamelessly Steals Child Actress From iPhone 4S Commercial To Shill Galaxy Tab [Video]



Samsung has shamelessly ripped-off Apple‘s products every step of the way, but this has got to be a new — well, not low, but something. Not content to just rip-off Apple’s product designs, Samsung is now stealing the very actresses from Apple’s own commercials!

Note the Samsung advertisement for their 8.9-Inch LTE Galaxy Tab above, then compare it to the iPhone 4S ad below. Does that cute moppet of a little girl look familiar? She should: she’s incredibly distinct, and featured in both ads.

I suppose it’s possible that she just turned coat and really does prefer the Galaxy Tab to an iPhone 4S, but let’s not totally rule out brainwashing here. What next, Samsung? Will you send agents to the seat of Sir Jonathan Ive one night, tie him up in a burlap sack and kidnap him to South Korea to toil away on your mad designs for years in a secret underground bunker?

  • iamhokagecedric

    are you sure the kid in both commercial were almost same…. they look same in face figure but take a look at the teeth of the girl find what’s the difference that’s the key

  • vicky729

    Does it matter? She is an actress and just probably tried out for both commercials. No guarantee she would get both. I doubt Samsung called her and said “we want to steal you for our commercial cause we hate Apple” LOL

  • Mojo66

    Actually I think both girls are the same *because* of the the teeth. Look at the gap at her upper left Canini.

  • Michael Klopf


  • techgeek01

    Newsflash:  Sherlock Holmes (the movie) copied off Ironman because the people who did Sherlock Holmes decided to use the same actor that was used in Ironman. 

  • Alex Angelico

    Not sure if she’s the same girl, but she looks very similar. Anyway, who cares? really, who cares?
    I’m sorry, but if you use a Galaxy S II and an iPhone 4S for a while… the Galaxy is faster, lighter, a lot more features….

    Just yesterday I was watching a tv add about the new iPhone features, you can work in your iPhone and you iPad gets updated immediately!!! wow!!!… you were able to do this with Android ages ago.. .so, if this is iPhone/iPad edge…

    In the other hand, iPhone is, as always, prettier, the transitions are smother, etc.
    So, Apple is always up because how the public perceives the products.

    And please, don’t forget Apple company started stealing from Xerox…

  • rasimov

    Please tell me those features…

  • David Clark

    Generally, Apple takes a product, makes it leaps and bounds better, markets it to a slightly different market than the current one, and patents the crap out of it. 

    This is how it has always been done. And I believe in it, 100%. Jobs and Co. are the most influential tech company in the world. It can be seen by how many people are trying to copy them. Difference is – these companies are copying them and doing it WORSE. 2007 was the year Apple changed the cellular phone industry. Shortly after, T-Mobile released a sub-par, cheaper copy. 

    We could backtrack to what started where, all day long, but it comes down to this: Apple does it better.

  • samue23

    maybe… they are sisters, again who cares this is not news worthy. 

  • George Wedding

    As if his misplaced Android idolatry wasn’t enough, Alex revealed his lack of knowledge regarding the history of technology. Apple did not steal Xerox technology. To visit Xerox Parc in 1979 and review unused research technology, it is a well known fact that Apple granted stock options eventually worth millions to the giant company. By doing this, Apple licensed the technology and then dramatically redesigned and improved it before releasing the first Macintosh. Today, Samsung is not licensing Apple’s technology — nor improving it. Instead, Samsung is stealing Apple’s technology and also trying to usurp Apple’s cultural influence. Some people prefer to own original works of art. Some settle for cheap knock-offs. Big differences Alex. Go back to school.

  • Alex Angelico

    uh, ok, my mistake, Apple research, Samsung steals…

  • aramishero

    Alex, shut your mouth if you dont know about technology. Shame on you.

  • supertino

    They are same and there are more connections which I listed a couple of days ago

  • Alex

    Why am I not surprised that John Brownlee posted this ….  

  • ArrowSmith

    Samsung admitted they stole the actress to mock Apple.

  • Thunder Dan

    It is noteworthy when Samsung steals design from Apple, completely mimics the iPod touch, and can’t come up with hardly anything on their own… Even choice of actresses.

  • Thunder Dan

    Alone it is not news. It is yet another step in a long pattern of copying by Samsung. If it weren’t for the endless copying of design and patented functions and Galxy tab being banned in 3 countries for months at a time due to patent infringement, then I would be with you… But it is the sour grapes of Samsung, and a lack of ability to innovate, that keep them from trying not only something different, but ANYTHING different.

  • RangyG

    hay, idiot, buying shares in a company does not mean you have “licensed” their ideas.

    “Well, Steve, I think there’s more than one way of looking at it. I think it’s more like we both had this rich neighbor named Xerox and I broke into his house to steal the TV set and found out that you had already stolen it.”  – Bill Gates

    Apple stole from Xerox, which is why Xerox tried to sue Apple ->

    Educate yourself numnuts

  • RangyG

    Hey, idiot, Buying shares in a company does not entitle you to it’s ideas…

    Xerox sued Apple in 1989 for stealing their GUI, educate yourself before you start dribbling BS


    Samsung: Shame?  What shame?


    If they didn’t already have an established track record, I might actually agree with you.

  • taylerz

    Nice resume for a kid. :)

  • George Wedding

    Xerox negotiated a payment from Apple in the form of stock shares. This was in exchange for Apple’s access to view early and remedial graphical user interface (GUI) technologies that the manufacturer of copier systems had developed, but never perfected or successfully marketed for the Xerox Alto computer (and later, the Xerox Star). 

    After the visit by Jobs and his engineers, Apple’s computer interface ideas and the computer mouse certainly were inspired by this technology, but it was improved considerably before ever being introduced with the Macintosh. In fact, after Jobs’ visit, key Xerox GUI researchers, including Bruce Horn and Larry Tesler, left PARC to join Apple and help develop the Macintosh (a project which itself had been started in 1979). Yes, in 1989, a Xerox president (who had recently left IBM) led a lawsuit against Apple (in the midst of Apple’s own lawsuit against Microsoft over Windows). However, the presiding judge dismissed Xerox’s most prominent complaints.

    The reality is that some Xerox PARC employees were against revealing the GUI to Apple executives; others realized that Xerox might never capitalize on the science and were in favor of the exchange. Those in favor made the final decision and the rest is history. Xerox had first crack at developing the technology as a product and failed. Right or wrong, Xerox then received what someone in the company considered to be fair compensation for the information.

    A lot of misinformation continues to be written about this episode, but Apple did not steal anything. Either the Apple haters here are uninformed, or they are lazy researchers or they deliberately are trying to mislead to further an agenda. At the very least, people should stop offering up incomplete information that is easily checked and corrected and make at least some effort to present credible facts in their proper context.

  • site7000

    The exactness of the copying is getting kind of creepy, actually. Their ads have become almost carbon copies of Apple’s and now this kid. They must feel supremely confident that Apple needs their components worse than they need Apple’s business because are certainly gnawing the hand that feeds them big contracts.

  • RangyG

    Hence me pointing out your inaccuracies in your previous article:
    1- Apple did not license Xerox GUI
    2- Buying/giving shares or options does not imply licensing or rights to use the companies research or ideas.

    Good to see we are in agreeance

  • George Wedding

    Avoiding the facts is not a debate argument and “agreeance” is not a word.

  • RangyG

    What facts are being ignored? If you want a discussion, provide some references.

    Agreeance, it’s been a word for hundreds of years, It’s in many dictionaries, including Oxford, this isn’t the argument here, so stay on subject. 

  • Custom

    I agrree so much…Samsung!! do your own sh!t….

  • Custom

    Samsung Steal, steal,steal 

  • SilverPanda

    My thoughts exactly. 

  • Bart?omiej ?api?ski

     Simple. Next time when Apple hires an actress, make her sign an agreement to never ever again star in anything else. Sheeesh.

    Last time I checked, people weren’t Apple’s slaves and were free to earn money in whichever way they pleased, but I may be mistaken.

  • joewaylo

    Stealing a child? It’s a free country. Children have been actresses for decades. If Hollywood manages to hire children such as Home Alone’s child actor Macaulay Culkin, then Samsung can hire Apple’s actress.

  • Katrina

    Big frikking deal.

    Like your site name says, you’re a CULT and you ‘think’ and ‘reason’ pretty much like any brainwashed frothy-mouthed cultist out there.

  • James Jimmy Williams
    agreeance [uh-gree-uhns]   Origina·gree·ance
    ? [uh-gree-uhns]  Show IPAnoun Now Rare .the act or state of agreeing;  agreement.Origin: 1540-50; agree  + -ance

  • David Clark

    Also, Apple purchased rights to Xerox’s technology.

  • RangyG

    No they didn’t, provide proof

  • Cold_dead_fingers

    Wow, why are there so many Apple haters on an Apple site?

    Seriously, Samsung is just plain pathetic at this point. They’re more obsessed with copying Apple than innovation. This commercial is just laughable.

  • RangyG

    There’s also more Samsung news on this Apple site than Apple news! Did you notice that?

  • Bart?omiej ?api?ski

    You mistake marketing with innovation.

  • Craig Doran

    That actress has been used by Apple since the 2008 Macworld keynote by Phil Schiller to demo iLife ’08.  Her name/character name is Claire.

  • fictionalui

    Well, the last Sherlock Holmes movie really IS a mock up of a superhero flick.

  • Tom Finlay

    I’m Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite Smartphone in the Citadel.

  • Michael Marsden-Kieran

    Yes because the beautiful Macbook, iPhone, iPod that have been shamelessly copied are just products marketing.  They are not well engineered and designed at all.  Its just marketing that makes us believe they are.

    The marketing is good, that they are able to trick other manufacturers into copying their rubbish designs.

  • Reinventor

    I’m amazed that Samsung can do this, it must have been a huge and unusual blunder by Apple.
    I’ve had my own production company in Sweden and we wrote contracts with our actors to not make jobs for competing companies for a certain time after the ad aired, usually 1 year. And… our customers was a LOT smaller than Apple and they still thought it was important to buy these exclusive rights from the actors.

  • Terrorhoof

    Right. It’s in the water!!111!!ELEVEN

  • Jacques Yeoh

    Its not well engineered and designed. So why by now theres still none existing product that looks better or greater?

  • Logan Grant

    so what isnt there enough money to be made by both they cant copy ios android kinda sucks if it doesnt have a nice processor who cares what it looks like it doesnt operate the same you people apple lovers i mean are just pathetic and have nothing better to do than say aw man i thinjk there copying us boo hoohohohohoooo your the brainwashed one going out every year to drop 500-1000 bucks on new ipads and iphones yall are STUPID