iOS 6 Won’t Be “Earth-Shattering” But Most Stock Apps Will Be Totally Reimagined [Rumor]



A major update to Maps is totally out of the bag, but what else is going to be new in iOS 6? According to a new report, iOS 6 won’t look that much different from iOS 5… until you open up the core apps, which have all been rebuilt from the ground up.

A “credible source” speaking to Christian Zibreg over at iDownloadBlog says that while there will be “little, if any, Earth-shattering additions to core OS features… headline enhancements are focused on stock apps across the board.”

What does this mean? Forget widgets, forget major changes to the homescreen, forget a radical redesign of what iOS looks like. What Apple has done, however, is re-written iOS apps from the ground up, “tapping a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to deliver groundbreaking enhancements.”

These new core apps are allegedly so good, they exceed what we’ve come to think of as Apple’s standard of quality.

If the next iPhone does, as rumors suggest, have a 4-inch display, re-writing the core apps from the ground up may have less to do with simply delivering a new experience and more to do with writing support for the new screen resolution into the apps.

Zibreg’s report corroborates reports that both the Camera and Photo apps have seen a major overhaul. Zibreg also speculates that the new iPad and the next iPhone could get true multitasking in iOS 6, but his reasoning is very speculative, relating to his source’s refusal to comment upon it.

For a look at our iOS 6 wishlist, check out our guide on jailbreak features we think Apple should adopt in iOS 6.

Source: iDownloadBlog

  • Ronald Stepp

    I wish they would update the app app.  When I go to update apps and I do the update all or even a single app, I should be able to stay IN the app app.  There should be a status next to each app in the list showing what is going on, is it loading, installing, waiting, etc.  As it is, you have to swipe through all the pages of apps on your phone, hoping to see what is doing what if it seems to be dragging on.

    Why apple?  Why do you fail so miserably at showing me what is going on in a simple way when you are always praised for being masters of design???

  • benandarchie

    If this is true, my next phone is not going to be an iPhone. I have got so sick of the basic homescreen without any widgets or anything. How will they “reimagine” the core apps? I’ll get a windows phone instead.

  • jackwhitney1

    I think the apps should auto update when connected to wifi and backing up to icloud. seems more seamless to do that to me.

  • appledrunk1

    I wouldn’t worry about what is speculated on in that article. Wait until WWDC and see for yourselves the wonders of iOS 6. Apple does not disappoint. By the way, if anyone wants to install the iOS 6 beta when it’s released on June 11 and you don’t have access to a dev account:

  • zviivz

    If this is true, my next phone is not going to be an iPhone. I have got so sick of the basic homescreen without any widgets or anything. How will they “reimagine” the core apps? I’ll get a windows phone instead.

    iOS does have “widgets”, except that it’s quite subtle – calendar is one example. The rest are simply notification bubble. I was hoping they would do something about the weather. That said, I don’t think widget is a deal breaker. I don’t really care for it. Hopefully, iOS 6 will bring out more shortcuts! I don’t want to get navigate the settings just to turn on/off bluetooth, wifi, data, etc. There has to be a better way to do this!!

  • Ronald Stepp

    Hell, given what we know the iphone can do with all the jailbreaking stuff out there, you would think apple could add all kinds of features every month, just make the jailbreak stuff official and safe.

  • technochick

    Every go around on the rumor mill folks get all hyped up and then the declaration is that it was a little upgrade and nothing earth shattering. so basically this guy is saying it’s the same old thing 

    That said, if they can find a way to stop the software from getting all gunked up to the point that my volume controls disappear, my home button doesn’t work etc and I have to restore and re do everything I’ll be happy with that. 
  • Gabriel Martin

    New ipad & next iphone MAYBE will get TRUE MULTITASKING – because its FAKE MULTITASKING NOW…

    Apple & ios is lagging behind in ALL ASPECTS, only idumb are the ones defending them…