iOS 6 Won’t Be “Earth-Shattering” But Most Stock Apps Will Be Totally Reimagined [Rumor]



A major update to Maps is totally out of the bag, but what else is going to be new in iOS 6? According to a new report, iOS 6 won’t look that much different from iOS 5… until you open up the core apps, which have all been rebuilt from the ground up.

A “credible source” speaking to Christian Zibreg over at iDownloadBlog says that while there will be “little, if any, Earth-shattering additions to core OS features… headline enhancements are focused on stock apps across the board.”

What does this mean? Forget widgets, forget major changes to the homescreen, forget a radical redesign of what iOS looks like. What Apple has done, however, is re-written iOS apps from the ground up, “tapping a few new capabilities in iOS 6 to deliver groundbreaking enhancements.”

These new core apps are allegedly so good, they exceed what we’ve come to think of as Apple’s standard of quality.

If the next iPhone does, as rumors suggest, have a 4-inch display, re-writing the core apps from the ground up may have less to do with simply delivering a new experience and more to do with writing support for the new screen resolution into the apps.

Zibreg’s report corroborates reports that both the Camera and Photo apps have seen a major overhaul. Zibreg also speculates that the new iPad and the next iPhone could get true multitasking in iOS 6, but his reasoning is very speculative, relating to his source’s refusal to comment upon it.

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Source: iDownloadBlog