AlwaysArrange: Move Apps Around And Abandon Jiggle Mode [Jailbreak]


Move apps with style.
Move apps with style.

Jiggle mode. That’s what we call the moment you hold an iOS app icon until it starts wiggling uncontrollably on your home screen. There’s no technical name for when you tap, hold, and drag icons around, so jiggle mode it is.

Now that we’ve defined that comical term, meet AlwaysArrange. This new jailbreak tweak lets you arrange app icons on your iPhone without having to enter jiggle mode, and the experience is actually better than it sounds.

I was skeptical of AlwaysArrange when I read the description because jiggle mode is an important feature that keeps app icons from getting shuffled around uncontrollably with the stray flick of a finger. You have to tap and hold to change anything, and that keeps you from making mistakes.

Not only does AlwaysArrange make moving app icons around on the home screen a cleaner experience, but it doesn’t even compromise the security that Apple enforces with jiggle mode. You can set the duration it takes to tap and hold in settings, and there’s an option to have absolutely no delay. This means that you can pick up and move icons without holding your finger down at all. Icons don’t shake and there’s no “X” marks for deleting apps. It all feels very clean.

If you do want to delete an app instead of just move it, drag an icon up to the iOS status bar for a moment to engage the real jiggle mode. Icons will start shaking again and you’ll be able to delete any app you want.

For a free tweak, AlwaysArrange is a simple way to create a more minimal iOS home screen look and feel on your jailbroken iPhone. AlwaysArrange is available in Cydia now.