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Are People Who Work At Apple Actually Happy?


Ever wonder what it'd be like to work for Apple at its HQ or elsewhere?
Are the folks working at Apple HQ happy with their jobs?

Are you curious about what it’s like to work for Apple? Here’s a chance for you to find out. Career advice site CareerBliss recently complied a list of the “Happiest Companies For Young Professionals” – a top ten list for which Apple didn’t make the cut. Even though Apple didn’t make that list, CareerBliss does offer a lot of insight into what life is like for Apple employees.

CareerBliss allows people to rank and describe their experiences in their current or past workplaces. Users researching potential jobs and companies can then see overall rankings (based on a one to five ranking scale) and browse through the individual reports. For Apple fans, that means a treasure trove of data about what it’s like to actually work for the company.

According to MacTech, CareerBliss analyzed the overall rankings from March 2011 to March 2012. The rankings entered over that span was just shy of a quarter million people (223,500). Based on that data, the CareerBliss was able to create a list of the ten employers that scored the highest. That list included  GE Energy, Nordstrom, Fluor, United Space Alliance, AstraZeneca, Centex, GlaxSmithKline, Wipro, FedEx Express and Kaiser Permanente.

While Apple isn’t one of the top ten ranked companies, it still has a respectable average ranking of 3.94 – that shows that Apple is far from being an overall miserable place to work.

Browsing the various job titles and descriptions is actually rather fascinating as they cover a very broad cross section of jobs throughout Apple. The 225 reports cover everything from retail store employees to software to developers to tech support agents and even product managers. Some reports include just a simple ranking while others include detailed lists of pros and cons as well as advice for job seekers looking to get hired by Apple.

Whether you’re considering applying for a job with Apple or you’re just a fan curious about what’s like to work in an Apple store or at the company’s headquarters, these reports make for compelling and fascinating reading. They go great with our look inside Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.