Want To See Where The Magic Happens? Here’s A Peek Inside Apple’s Headquarters [Gallery]



The Mothership; Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California, is one of the more exclusive corporate buildings in the world. Apple employees can’t even walk some cooridoors without permission, so your chances of getting inside Apple’s compound and exploring the secrets of the building are pretty slim unless your name is Barack Obama. Even then, Apple will probably call security as soon as you try to get past the Atrium. I’ve never had the good fortune to go inside the Apple campus like a few lucky souls have, but thanks to magical powers of the internet, peons like you and I can now glimpse inside One Infinite Loop to see how the Apple Elite work.

Want to know what Apple HQ looks like from the inside? Take a look at this gallery to see where the magic happens.

The Reception Desk - obviously this picture is a few years old judging by the old iMacs


Huge iPad signage dominates the atrium
Another view of the Attrium


The Cafeteria


The Company Store


Men's Restroom Sign


Offices within the HQ
Apple's Wireless Testing Lab


The Rec Room, featuring table tennis and foosball
The Fitness Center
There's even a basketball court on campus

If you want to see even more images of Apple’s Cupertino campus, head over to Apple Gazette to see 20 more images of Apple’s heaquarters.

  • Joshua Obra

    They have a fitness room? D:

    Best. Job. Ever.

  • brianistweeting

    Doesn’t look as worker friendly as Google I’ll admit. They still have a really nice working environment though, puts most work environments to shame. That Wireless Testing lab on the Apple Gazette page looks like some crazy sci-fi stuff. Pretty cool.

  • Matt Harris

    I think the Wireless Testing Lab looks like Cerebro from X-Men haha.

  • Nicholas Gibson

    I am 12 now but I got to in at eat lunch when I was 11. The food was amazing and so was the campus. Once and a life time opportunity.

  • knowhowe

    I guess I see now why they want to build the Mothership.
    I was frankly surprised that this is Apple’s HQ. Considering this the planet’s richest company, the place looked rather cheap to me, just a big metal shed with some trees added. And look at that budget flooring.
    In the UK you’d only see joints like this on out-of-town industrial estates, the big business HQs are in Georgian mansions in the middle of town.

  • technochick

    @knowhowe. Really? I don’t see a metal shed or anything cheap. Most companies don’t give you trees in an atrium, a cafeteria or a rec room. Especially for a building that is 99% for the workers as they go to the offices of the other side of the discussion more often than the folks come to them.