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Use Preview To Take Your Screenshots [OS X Tips]


Screenshots With Preview

Command-Shift-3 is so last year. Using Grab to, well, grab shots of your screen is blasé. If you’re really hip, you’ll use today’s tip to get your screenshots and thank us for it in the comments below.

First up, launch Preview. It’s probably in your Dock, but if not, head over to your Applications folder and scroll down to find Preview.

Click on the File menu and move your mouse down to “Take Screen Shot.” You’ll have three options: to take a picture of a specific selection, a certain window, or the entire screen. Oh, the powah!

If you choose From Selection, you’ll get the familiar crosshairs and a nice little message reminding you to do just that. Click and drag those down around any portion of the screen you want to take a picture of.

If you choose From Window, your mouse cursor will turn into a camera icon, and will highlight any window you hover over. The resulting image will grab that whole window, regardless of whether it was in the foreground or back behind other windows when you took the picture.

When you choose From Entire Screen, you’ll get the message that “Countdown to screenshot has started,” and a nice visual timer will tell you how long you have to arrange everything just so.

You can hit Escape on the keyboard at any time during each of these types of Preview screenshots to cancel the selection. When you actually take the shot, though, it will show up as a PNG in a new Preview window, named Untitled. Simply save this file as you usually do.

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