What Was It Like To Unbox A Vintage 1984 Macintosh 128K? [Mega-Gallery]


Everything that was in the 1984 Macintosh 128K's original retail box. Swoon.

Back in 1984, Apple released the first Macintosh home computer, a magnificent piece of vintage computer design that would shape the destiny of the next 25 years of Apple’s corporate history.

What would it have been like to pull a vintage Macintosh 128K out of the box? To first separate the keyboard from its styrofoam lining? To first snap open the hard plastic floppy disc case? To first learn how to use MacWrite using an audio tape?

Over on eBay, one seller has been trying to sell a vintage Macintosh, still in box with complete documentation, equipment and even packaging. In his attempts to sell his prize, he has given us all a treat: a wonderfully thorough and loving unboxing of what it would have been like to open a vintage Macintosh up for the first time.

Since eBay items disappear when the auction ends, we’ve archived these incredible unboxing pics on our servers. Prepare to see a lot of them below.


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9 responses to “What Was It Like To Unbox A Vintage 1984 Macintosh 128K? [Mega-Gallery]”

  1. ctt1wbw says:

    Had a chance to buy one of these last year, but I moved out of state before the lady made up her mind. I am still bummed out about that.

  2. We_Are_Apple says:

    Made in U.S.A.


  3. macpros says:

    The plastic organizer for floppy discs was not an Apple-included accessory.

  4. mr_bee says:

    I remember opening one of these and throwing all the boxes in a dumpster afterwards. :-)

    The trouble with vintage computers is what do you do with it once you have it? You either have to make a special display area in your house for all your old computer junk, or you put it in storage until you retire/die and someone sells it on eBay again. This thing belongs in a museum.

  5. YBartolovic says:

    lol bids at about 3k or 5 Apple shares. Yes you may sell only 5 Apple shares to secure this :)

  6. Flyphoenix says:

    Woah look that mouse! This is awesome! :D

  7. Bob Forsberg says:

    What immediately struck me as unusual where all those printed manuals.

  8. Steven Zahl says:

    128K nice!

  9. wilsonics says:

    I always keep my boxes, however computers are a lot smaller these days.

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