Deliver Powerful, Professional Presentations With Slidevana [Deals]


CoM - Slidevana

Have you ever wanted to deliver awesome presentations using Keynote but wanted to set yourself apart from the pack? Well, with Slidevana you can not only do that, but you can do it in less time. That way you can focus on nailing that presentation down so that you look as good as your slidedeck.

And thanks to Cult of Mac Deals, you can save 50% off Slidevana for Keynote, iPad and iPhone for a limited time.

Here’s what you get with Slidevana:

  • Over 275 slide layouts included
  • Works with iWork Keynote ’09 (latest available) and Keynote for iOS
  • Includes two complete color schemes, Slidevana Dark and Slidevana Light
  • Cut and paste your way to professional presentations
  • Minimalist information-oriented design
  • Fully customizable with your logos, graphics, and color palette
  • 100% money back guarantee and free lifetime updates

Slidevana allows you to spend less time making the slides for your presentation so that you can spend more time on what you should be spending it on: Working on conveying your message.

Slidevana’s clean, minimal theme is based on best practices in presentation design and data visualization. It’ll give you beautiful, professional results every time – and with two color schemes at your disposal, Slidevana Dark and Slidevana Light.

Need to personalize your presentations? No problem. Slidevana allows you to easily add custom elements and provides all the tools you need to create your own slide layouts. Not in the office and need to finish that important presentation? Slidevana’s got you covered with a beautiful deck that you can author on your iPad or iPhone in a fraction of the time it would take to create from scratch. And each slide comes in a wide variety of layouts so you can pick the one that meets your exact needs. Just copy, paste, and add your content for fast, high quality results.

Slidevana will level up your presentations on both your idea and execution front, and through Cult of Mac Deals you can get it for only $69 for a limited time. So what are you waiting for? You don’t get deals presented (pardon the pun) to you every day. Grab Slidevana today.

  • prof_peabody

    This is horrible.  It’s just an advertisement, and for a horrible product at that.  Slidevana is just a bunch of Keynote templates.  Selling it for almost 70 dollars is outrageous.  Promoting this POS to gullible readers is insulting and shameful. 

  • slidevana

    Hey Prof., I’m obviously biased because I made the product, but I don’t think Slidevana is a POS. If you do presentations regularly (and you may not), then you’ll know that it takes an awful lot of time to create good slides. I’ve saved hundreds of hours with Slidevana and that’s invaluable to me. Its also pretty cheap compared to other templates that run $40 a pop. The package available through Cult of Mac Deals includes two templates, each with over 140 slides (most templates contain just 15-20 over-designed slides that aren’t a good fit for a professional setting).

  • GSARider

    Just tried to buy and getting an error message…slides look good though…!