The Prettiest Picture Of The 5th Avenue Apple Store You’ll Ever See [Image]


Apple redesigned the 5th Avenue cube last year with 15 glass panels. There used to be 90.

This stunning shot of Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue store in New York City was recently taken by Barry McLynn with a Canon EOS 60D. We’ve seen lots of shots of the new glass cube, but this one definitely takes the cake. Reminds you of what makes Apple special.

  • Phil Menger

    I like the old one better

  • Alex

    “The Prettiest Picture Of The 5th Avenue Apple Store You’ll Ever See”

    Really there is no chance someone might take a better picture ? Ever ? 

  • Georgi Mladenov

    what an idiotic title

  • jeremeyl

    Maybe the title should say…”One of the greatest…”
    I would like to see this Apple store in person.

  • jeremeyl

    I wonder how often the flat top/roof needs to be cleaned? Or if it snows, how do they clean it off?
    Just some random questions that come to mind.

  • Jason Allen

    Its a nice photo, but I wouldn’t say it’s the prettiest I’ll ever see!
    Possibly the most heavily photo shopped though.

  • Nestor Bacalso NewAccount

    me too I want to see this in person

  • The King

    So Apple blew a truck load of money just to change the cube from 90 panels to 15? yet there are starving families in  Africa looking for a dollar to live on instead of having to face death

  • OvertonGraphics

    maybe u should sell your ipad and donate then

  • AustinGloeckler

    What are you doing! Stop paying for the Internet and give that money to the starving families in Africa. And why don’t your just sell everything and move to Africa so that you can help them better.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Africa is a lost cause. The whole world
    has been pouring money, time, resources, and effort without limit into
    these countries, beyond measure, since before I was born, too absolutely
    no avail. We build them something, they tear it down, or dig it up to
    sell the scrap. We set them up a free election, and they kill each other
    at the polls and cut each others hands off for voting for an opposition
    candidate. Send them 100 tons of seed corn, and they mash it into
    cornmeal and eat it in 3 days. Send them a ship full of food, and it
    rots at the docks due to political rangling. Send them condoms and
    doctors and they make soccer balls from the rubbers and try to cure aids
    by raping a virgin, or a dwarf, or an albino. It’s 2012, and they still
    burn and stone people for witchcraft. They walk around naked with cut
    up bare feet. I bring that up and some people say it’s because of lack
    of resources. It’s not lack of resources. It’s lack of intelligence. If I
    was stuck out in the (still after thousands of years) undeveloped
    wilderness, I would have enough common sense to get some leaves or
    animal hide to cover my bleeding feet. Africa is an evolutionary dead
    end. They are a country that is stuck in time. Nature is trying to
    purge the continent, and we are just stalling the inevitable. I’m willing to help those who are willing to help themselves.Also, the RED charity is still in effect the last time I checked.

  • Phil DiVuolo

    Not sure how this reminds me of what makes Apple special. Reflections? Reflections make Apple special?