This App Lets You Magically Control Your Music With The Wave Of A Hand



The coolest thing about the Microsoft Kinect is that it makes your feel like a freaking Jedi. Controlling a device by moving your hands or feet is ridiculously awesome when the technology works. Apple has been slow to jump on the motion control bandwagon, but that’s not stopping some clever developers from taking advantage of Apple’s built-in webcams and implementing their own crazy motion control technology. Enter Flutter – the new OS X app that lets you control all of your music without having to ever click a mouse.

Flutter is a free, lightweight Mac app that uses your iMac or MacBook’s built-in webcam to capture motion commands that will play or pause music in iTunes or Spotify while you’re busy working in other apps. The app circumvents the need to multitask over to your music apps to pause your beats when you get a call or need some silence to go into extra-concentration mode.

Will the app actually save you time by making you wave your hand rather than clicking your finger twice? We’re not sure, but who cares! Now you can feel like a Jedi while you’re plugging away at your Mac. Getting to wave my hand in front of the camera while saying something like “You will stop playing my music,” is the coolest nerdy thing I’ve done all day.

The app is currently in alpha and only supports one gesture, but hopefully once it gets going it’ll be able to support a multitude of hand waving gestures so I can force choke Pitbull every time his songs accidentally appear in my playlists.


[via The Next Web]

  • __a_b

    This is awesome and I am willing to pay for more options.

  • TannerBott

    doesn’t work for me, tried doing the same thing as what the guy did in the video with a youtube video and it didn’t pause it. going to try it with other apps tho and see what happens

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    Ping me with a new news story when we can force choke musicians. That’s a good feature.

  • JoshObra

    Downloaded it. Liked it. Can’t wait how this thing will update.

    Only thing I’m scared of is that I’m being watched now… and that holding my hand up and fingers out without moving makes the song stop and play repeatedly.

    But other than that, me likey!

  • Mehul Nariyawala

    Hi Folks – please note that YouTube video is old.  At present, we have added support for iTunes & Spotify.  In near future, we hope to add support for YouTube, VLC, Pandora, Rdio, Netflix, etc.

  • rockinrors

    Love your work, mate.
    Any chance of a ‘next track’ option for iTunes coming? (Just like a wave of the hand to the right)

  • rockinrors

    This isn’t the song you’re looking for.
    *holds up hand

  • SBeast


  • SBeast

    Haha, wooops, nvm :P

  • SBeast


  • Flutter

    Adding it soon! Stay Tuned.  Here’s the new video.

    You can follow us on twitter @flutterapp.

  • Flutter

    You can download this at and follow us on twitter @flutterapp.

  • naurus

    I knew we’d start saluting our macs sooner or later…

  • naurus

    But will it work on my girlfriend?