Apple Spending $304 Million In Texas To Create 3,600 Jobs [Report]


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Apple isn’t giving any love to SXSW this year, but that’s not keeping the company from investing $304 million in a new campus to create 3,600 jobs. The campus won’t be responsible for the new new iPad, but instead focus on administrative responsibilities and customer support.

Gov. Rick Perry today announced that Apple will expand its presence in Texas with a $304 million investment in a new campus in Austin that will create more than 3,600 new jobs. The new campus will more than double the size of Apple’s workforce in Texas over the next decade, supporting the company’s growing operations in the Americas with expanded customer support, sales and accounting functions for the region. In exchange for Apple’s commitment to create these new jobs in Texas, the state has offered Apple an investment of $21 million over ten years through the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF).

“Apple is known for its bold innovation and game-changing designs, and the expansion of their Austin facility adds to the growing list of visionary high-tech companies that have found that Texas’ economic climate is a perfect fit for their future, thanks to our low taxes, reasonable and predictable regulations, fair legal system and skilled workforce” Gov. Perry said. “Investments like this further Texas’ potential to become the nation’s next high-tech hub.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung makes the A-series chips that go into your favorite iOS devices at a plant that’s also located in Austin, Texas.

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  • howie_isaacks

    FYI…  They’re not spending $304 million in Texas to “create jobs”.  You say that as if that’s the purpose of investing the money.

  • Stephen Gibson Agnew

    That’s right folks, Apple’s noticing our amazing state :)

  • AndrewMclave

    id just like to say to texans everywhere that the whole world thinks that Rick Perry is a major asshole who seems barely capable of tying his shoelaces and were sure glad he wont ever be president of the usa!

  • duncan king

    There giving $21 million to Apple, which has more money than God, and at the same time cutting teachers, policemen, firemen and services to the indignant and defenseless.

  • Barrett Jasper

    troll much?

  • joker612

    The same government and sate benefits that Rick Perry has been a major contributor in creating for YEARS, is the same government and state benifits that Apple is taking advantage of. Your the asshole ANDREW!! GOD BLESS TEXAS!!

  • dbdel

    Texas — the state with lousy public schools, mostly mediocre public colleges and universities, and minimal public services.  A great place to create a new corporate campus — with lots of state subsidies and promises of minimal taxes.  Yeah!  Rick, keep up the good crony capitalism!

  • joker612

    check your facts! texas has the most successfull public shcools and produces more students with high test scores and college enrollment than any other state in the nation. Also, in contrast to many other states, our government, public services and schools are so successful, we are putting funding back into them instead of cutting them. Oh i’m sorry, your clearly a liberal, so you’ll just have someone check those facts for you.

  • Gregintosh

    Its more like they are spending $304 million in Texas to improve AppleCare support, shore up their corporate sales team, and refine internal accounting procedures. All these things are designed to make Apple more efficient and better at serving customers, thus able to attract and retain customers.

    And as a by-product of this profit motive, 3,600 jobs will be created to fulfill this goal for Apple, and as a capitalist I must say there ain’t nothing wrong with that!