Missing SXSW Apple Store Indicates iPad 3 Won’t Ship Before Next Week


Lines for Apple's temporary store at SXSW 2011. Image courtesy of ObamaPacman.
Lines for Apple's temporary store at SXSW 2011. Image courtesy of ObamaPacman.

Apple officials have reportedly confirmed that the company will not be taking its pop-up retail store to this year’s South by Southwest Interactive Festival, which kicks off on Friday, March 9. The decision suggests Apple’s iPad 3 will not be ready for shipping next week.

Following the unveiling of the iPad 2 on March 2 last year, Apple erected a temporary pop-up store at the SXSW festival the following week so that attendees could get their hands on the company’s latest tablet and accessories when it launched on March 11.

This year, however, Apple won’t be taking a store to the Austin event, according to Statesman.com:

Apple Inc. will not create a pop-up Apple Store downtown for South by Southwest Interactive Festival this year, Apple officials confirmed Monday.

The absence of the store this year indicates that the new device may not be ready for sale before the festival ends on March 13, and that we could be waiting until later this month to snap up the long-awaited iPad 3.

  • MacintudeConnor

    March 16th, if Apple follows tradition.

  • Craig Ciccone

    Actually, that’s not what it means.  The iPad may not ship until the 16th, but a lack of pop-up Apple Store @ SXSW is absolutely no indication of product availability.  

  • besweeet

    You can’t be serious…

  • thetechbuzz

    I like where you guys get your “Confirmed Info.” This means absolutely nothing. All you guys are doing is speculation. The sales at SXSW probably weren’t good. Therefore why would apple waste the time. You guys gotta do better then this. 

  • Sean Shamus McCabe

    I think that’s a bit much to assume that because one pop up tent is cancelled at an event that the iPad 3 wont ship until later.

  • toodarnloud

    The store they used is now a Brooks Brothers. The spike in air freight certainly does indicate that the iPad 3 will be available almost immediately.

  • CharliK

    No. It means they aren’t having a pop up store. Perhaps because the iPad won’t be ready. Perhaps because they jut don’t want to have one