Popular ‘Things’ To-Do App Finally Gets Cloud Sync With Public Beta


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After nearly a year of private beta testing, Cultured Code has finally implemented cloud sync in its popular to-do app Things. Now available as a public beta for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, Things Cloud can be enabled and tested for free by any customer.

When task management apps started adding cloud sync over a year ago, Things users were left behind while the developers at Cultured Code took a laboriously long time to get their sync solution off the ground. Now that iCloud is out and cloud sync is a staple feature of nearly every productivity app, has Things missed the bandwagon?

Assuming you haven’t ditched the app for cloud-enabled alternatives like Wunderlist or OmniFocus, you can be the judge by enabling Things Cloud on your personal devices. Cultured Code has the Mac beta available for download, and cloud sync can be enabled on the public iPhone and iPad apps by following the simple instructions provided by Cultured Code. Task syncing works over WiFi and 3G.

I’ve been beta testing Things Cloud for several months now, and the syncing does work well. However, it’s a shame that it’s taken so long for the app to get such an essential feature. I’ve always loved the simplistic design of Things, and it totally deserves the Apple Design Award it won back in 2009, but there’s no reason that something with such a price tag (about $80 for all three apps) shouldn’t be updated more aggressively.

The developers at Cultured Code have given sporadic updates on the progress of Things Cloud over the last year. Apparently, the technology their using to sync stuff in the cloud is different and much more complex than what the competition has cooking. According to Cultured Code, that’s been the reason for the painfully slow rollout. With how long it’s taken, I almost expect Things Cloud to complete my tasks for me.

If you’re interested, you can sign up to test the public beta yourself at Cultured Code’s website.

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  • oakichbg

    Why wouldn’t they use iCloud instead? I don’t get this

  • janpeeters

    I was a big fan of Things and I’m still using it on a daily basis, but I’m at my limits with what I can bare in terms of speed of development. The competitiors not only have sync, but also features that Things is lacking such as smart location awareness and a webinterface. So what’s cooking? They have Bartek working for them, one of the geniuses of To Do app development who made iGTD in the past and pushed updates constantly. Are they working on their own Wunderkit? Or some other highly secret product? I would like to advise them to open up, customers are getting restless and asking themselves if they should switch. I try to firmly hold on, hoping, wishing that they’ve got something special in store.

  • facebook-505899793

    I dumped Things some time ago for this very reason. 

    Now their solution is finally getting close to coming to market (a LONG time after they first started posting their “Wow, this is going to be hard” blog posts on the subject), and its likely going to be a paid-for solution, instead of leveraging something like Dropbox or iCloud.

  • sam.rodgers

    Too too late. I moved to Omnifocus 3 months ago and love it. Given the buttclenchingly slow development speed you have to wonder whether they used their own app to manage their tasks.

  • Spam

    +1 for losing another customer. I love Things but the cost of entry and slow development made me look elsewhere. I am managing just fine with Evernote now. 

  • dom b

    their? no, they’re. tsk tsk