Tim Cook: Future Macs, iPhones And iPads Could All Have The Same Chips Inside [OS X Mountain Lion]



Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Tim Cook has shared his thoughts on what Mountain Lion means for the future of the Mac, and has hinted Apple may be considering a grand unification of iOS and OS X somewhere down the line.

In the interview:

“We see that people are in love with a lot of apps and functionality here,” said Mr. Cook, 51 years old, pointing at his iPhone. “Anywhere where that makes sense, we are going to move that over to Mac… We think about everything. We don’t close things off.”

But how far will that go? According to Cook, he envisions Mac laptops continuing to exist alongside the tablet market, but he says that Apple is open to “merging” the two products over time, possibly by adopting the same chips across both laptops and tablets.

“We think about everything,” Cook coyly notes.

At first blush, it would seem as if Apple is saying here that they will move laptops to ARM processors, but according to our research, you’ll probably never own a Mac with an ARM processor. In fact, the opposite could be true within five years, and Apple may very well running Intel inside the iPad.

Asked whether or not Microsoft is still the competition in the desktop space, particularly with Windows 8 coming soon, Cook said that Apple’s only pressure is self-induced, and he doesn’t “really think anything Microsoft does puts pressure on Apple.” Ouch!

  • Slash_Cynic

    Say goodbye to gaming outside of iOS games on the Mac.

  • Sandman619

    Tim Cook has already stated that he doesn’t expect to see a Mac running on an ARM processor. But iOS going to Intel could be an option

    Cheers !

  • Aaron

    With ARM not officially going 64-bit until 2014, that gives Intel some time to work on getting their mobile processors competitive with ARM… and making them 64-bit first. Intel is HUNGRY for the mobile market, and with Apple being their new buddy, it could very well happen with them.

  • artworkajb

     Since when has gaming ever been plausible on the Mac?