AssistantConnect: An Easier Way To Use Siri On Non-4S iOS Devices [Jailbreak]



A new jailbreak app called AssistantConnect claims to bring Siri to non-4S iOS devices without needing a proxy. Unlike previous ports, AssistantConnect lets you email your Siri data between jailbroken iOS devices to enable the digital assistant. It’s a much simpler process than having to setup your own network voodoo and rely on a server that may not even work anymore.

Sound too good to be true? There’s one catch…

You will need your own iPhone 4S to make AssistantConnect work on another device. For most, this makes AssistantConnect useless. But if you have a 4S and want to get Siri on your other iOS devices, you can give this hack a try.

First, you will need to have the free “Spire” jailbreak tweak installed on any non-4S device you want to run Siri on. On your jailbroken iPhone 4S, install AssistantConnect4S, then install AssistantConnect on your older iPhone or iPod touch.

Here’s the steps the developer outlines:

  1. Once you’ve installed the AssistantConnect4S app for free in Cydia, reboot your iPhone 4S.
  2. Open AssistantConnect4S and activate Siri. Say anything you like so that Siri can process your request.
  3. Leave Siri, tap the “Email Siri Data” button in AssistantConnect4S, and send your 4S’s Siri data to another jailbroken iOS device.
  4. Open the email on your non-4S iOS device with AssistantConnect and Spire installed. Open the attached file to get Siri running.

The process seems relatively straightforward, but you should be cautious about performing this type of workaround on your own devices. The developer recommends that you not install Siri on more than 5 of your own devices. There is no promise that AssistantConnect won’t break Siri on your iPhone 4S or even crash iOS. Apple could temporarily turn off (or even completely block) your Siri if it discovers that you’re sending too many requests from separate device IDs. Try this hack at your own risk.

Let us know if you can get Siri running on other iOS devices with AssistantConnect. Did you run into any problems, or did everything work smoothly?

  • Don

    again why would you even bother if you have a iphone 4s to begin with….

  • teknonytt

    again, why ask such a stupid question? What if you have multiple devices, or are helping a friend with iPhone 4 out?

  • BrianVoll

    Siggghhhh. Did all the steps, but my iPad is saying “I’m really sorry about this….”

  • Robert Pruitt

    It’s not a stupid question, it’s an obvious and logical one.  You hook up your friend with this and your friend will likely tell you not to touch their phone again.  Apple is going to kill this…again. 

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    Apple doesn’t services this for free. That’s why it’s not available for all device. You want to use it free? Well asking your friend. If your friend not given you because they fear apple will ban their iPhone? Yeah they suppose to, as long as you didn’t pay apple for 4S you should not blame why it ain’t free.

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    My iPhone says “Mail cannot open this attachment” Any suggestion?

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    My iPhone says “Mail cannot open this attachment” Any suggestion?

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    Because I didn’t install AssistantConnect. And after I done install and setup token from 4S it still not work :(

  • Dario Novoa

    This doesn’t work… Seemed like a cool workaround to the proxies.. but Spire say´s you need to configure it.

  • Guest

    Remember you need to reboot iPhone 4S once you have launch AssistantConnect4S for the first time.

  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi
  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi
  • Asani Viriyaakavuthi

    I already have 4S reboot and sent me email (When 4S sent me the first email without reboot configuration file was 4kb and when I reboot it’s sent me 9kb. I guess I got the right config now.) But my iPhone 4 still now working.

  • joewaylo

    Well one excuse is helping a friend out to get the iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G device have Siri available. Only problem is if they wipe their device later, they’ll have to ask for help again which means redoing the process if needed for AssistantConnect to work it’s mojo again or find someone else that is willing to jailbreak their iPhone 4S and then the predecessor.

  • Guest

     You need to put it on Spire =

  • Guest

     put on spire = and then try Siri on iPhone 4.

  • travisbchapman

    simple, if you have done the prior steps correctly, all you need to do is add in the Spire preferences. But you have to have strictly followed the process above, making sure to reboot the 4s upon initial launch of the connect4s app.

  • burkythegadgetGuy

    Followed all Spire and AssistantConnect4/4S steps to enable my iPhone4 (spare) from my 4S.  Siri worked for about 30 minutes, then started with the “I’m sorry but I’m not available at the moment . . .” response.  Tried deleting file muiltiple times, but it keeps coming back every time I try to run Siri.  Looks like Apple is determined to keep things blocked.  All I can do is wait and hope that some smart person figures out how to work around this latest setback.  I don’t need Siri much but when I have my iPhone4 with me and I’m driving, I won’t use the phone to manually dial, etc for safety.  If Siri doesn’t help, then I am stuck until I get somewhere and can safely use a phone again!

  • chrisw

    works like a charm. i have a 4 because i am holding out for the next iphone but my mother grabbed a 4s. you do have to send the info every 24 hours though.

  • Jason Duncan

    worked for me right up till spire did a update to 1.0.1-1
    now keep getting
    (Spire Not Configured)
    Open setting to configure proxy server.
    Every time I try to activate Siri.

  • Peejay Trinidad

    @twitter-337446419:disqus download sbsettings… go to more… mobile substrate addons… disable spirehooks and spireinjector