New Mac Pro With Ivy Bridge Processor And NVIDIA Kepler GPU Coming Soon [Rumor]


Mac Pro

It’s been so long since Apple refreshed the Mac Pro that a number of reports have speculated the machine is set to be killed off. But it’s still available from the Apple store, and according to a new report, it’s going nowhere. In fact, it’ll soon to get a refresh that will introduce Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor and the new Kepler GPU from NVIDIA.

According to sources for M.I.C. Gadget, overheating issues that Apple previously had with the desktop have now been resolved thanks to Intel’s new Ivy Bridge chip which is set to make its debut in April:

Well, we have some good news, Intel will be moving to its Ivy Bridge platform in April, and this will solve heating issues. How does it do that? Well, with its 22nm (extremely efficient) manufacturing process, it is very efficient in operation in comparison to the previous Sandy Bridge. More importantly, the old transistor types are gone, and replaced by “tri-gate” transistors. According to our sources, those transistors are 30%+ more efficient with heat dissipation.

Thanks to Apple’s partnership with Intel, the company has already received engineering samples of the new processors, according to sources, which boast 8 cores and 20MB of cache.

Additionally, the Mac Pro’s GPU will also be updated to NVIDIA’s new Kepler platform which is due out around the same time. Apple is said to have been “burned” by the Mac Pro’s existing ATI graphics, which are prone to flickering, overheating, and other failures.

… our sources within the company indicate that they have chosen to have Nvidia lead the charge so to speak on the graphics front. This is good for all our compatriots who want to use the special graphics engine in Adobe products, as it supports Nvidia only, or for those who wish to do CUDA based programs as well, again only supported by Nvidia.

M.I.C. Gadget reports that we should see the new Mac Pro near the end of the third quarter, when Apple has “ironed out all the bugs with the newly released hardware.”

  • Syriac

    near the end of the third quarter…..
    Wow that is late. Last time we heard anything about MacPro was that it would arrive late second quarter.  crap

  • wescoughlin

    Yeah, I need one now…..

  • Will Reed

    Im not sure this makes any sense.  First they were phasing them out, now they are upgrading them.  They don’t sell well anymore except for prod. co.s and Apple is becoming increasingly a consumer company.

  • Objectivist

    Apple needs machines for its own uses. The Mac Pros are also excellent general purpose workstations, and desirable for high-end Mac software development among other things.

    Pro users need ECC memory and the other high end features that the Mac Pros have – Apple should make a big push to get even more Pro software (CAD, scientific, medical and so on) ported to MacOS X. There’s a lot of profit to be made there, plus having world class professional workstations provides a techie “halo effect”, attracting influential tech people to advocate Apple products.

    I’d also love to see Apple make the often-discussed xMac, a tower positioned between the iMacs and the Mac Pros. No ECC, but high-end graphics, a few drive bays and user upgradeability. I think the value proposition of those would attract a TON more new Mac buyers, as well as pulling in those who currently build Hackintosh machines. Attracting the performance enthusiast crowd would be a big win for Apple, and would also drive more Mac games and game ports.

  • Shameer Mulji

    Always take rumors with a grain of salt.  If Apple does release new Mac Pros, I say we see during the WWDC keynote along with new MB Pros.

  • crateish

    Ugh. Towers. So much wasted space. I’d like to see them make ‘mega-Minis’ for this niche market.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Skipping SandyB means a long wait on top of what is already a long, long, wait.

  • Karl

    I still use a PowerPC PowerMacG5 to encode video, record music, etc. It’s still a work horse. I love it and would love to get a new one. But since most of the stuff I do on it is no longer generating me much money, I don’t mind the wait.

  • Brandon Dillon

    Technology isn’t at that point yet. These towers can support amazing specs.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    personally, I’d love to see a case re-design that makes it both a tower AND be rack mountable.  User’s Choice.  That would solve the x-serve problem.  The case is still big enough to offer redundant systems like power supply.

  • Trevor Curtis

    Customers still waiting for the G5 to encode projects? :)