Apple To Unveil iPad 3 During First Week Of March [Rumor] [Updated]



Apple is set to announce its much-anticipated iPad 3 during the first week of March, according to sources for All Things D. It’s unclear when the device will actually launch, but it is said be “pretty much what we’ve been led to expect by the innumerable reports leading up to its release.”

The device is likely to make its debut at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco — the location Apple has continually chosen for big announcements in previous years. And it is expected to launch around one week later, with the same delay between unveiling and launch that we experienced with the iPad 2.

According to the sources, the device will be exactly what we’ve been led to expect from recent rumors: It will pack a faster processor (likely to be Apple’s A6 chip), an improved graphics processing unit, and a 2048 x 1536 Retina Display.

This fits in nicely with iPad 3 components that were leaked to Cult of Mac today, which confirm the third-generation device will feature new internals, but the same external design.

As you’d expect, an Apple spokeswoman declined to comment on the rumor.

UPDATE: The Loop’s Jim Dalyrimple, who’s famous for the accuracy of his sources, gives this rumor a “Yep.

[via All Things D]

  • Munstr

    I hope iPad 3 will be the iPad Apple should have released instead of iPad 1. Furthermore, I am very hopeful that with new CEO the company will keep the level that they set  themselves.
    I really hope that iPad 3 will finally be the tablet that you can “work on” and not only the tablet “to play with”. Some may argue that it is very good at working and browsing and so on. However, there are some areas that should be worked out if Apple’s philosophy is complete and great user experience.
    When Jobs revealed the original iPad and said that there is a category of the devices between phone and the laptop – tablet. And for this device to have a right for an existence it should be better in some areas compared to phone and the laptop. I remember vividly when Jobs said it is better than computer in web browsing. From the perspective of the avid internet user i would like to say that iPad does not even satisfy the bare minimum requirement for the fluid user experience when it comes to web browsing.
    i think that everybody that uses so called great internet browsing on the iPad will agree that constant refresh of the pages (you are forced to use many tabs which refresh all the time) is killing the so called great experience.
    the only reason i bought an iPad was to brows the web on my comfy bed or sofa. But it fails epically in this everyday. I have noticed that I am using my laptop more and more since I got the table. However my daughter likes that metal and glass symbol of modern day slavery and American greed and desire to enslave the whole world so that USA can avoid 4$ a gallon at a staggering human cost to the rest of us, very much. This perverse thinking reminds me of the Japanese cartoon called “Rape man”, who is teacher by day and a superhero by night. Apparently he rapes for justice. Also it reminds me of “castrato ” who is “designed to sing”. So you have a man with no ball, and if that man fails in signing then he fails as a man and as a singer. So he is a complete failure or as Jobs probably will call him waste of human semen.
    So I hope that with the absence of Jobs, Apple will stop making “castrato” and will finally make the bloody iPad with 1GB of RAM. Otherwise in my eyes iPad 3 with no 1 GB Ram and no “final polish” of the user experience is another castrato or a sick joke from the grave.

  • Luis Dominguez

    It’s cool that the iPad is getting better stuff but I feel these events loose the excitement because of no new design.  The new display and better processor is nice, but just a bit boring for me because I have already seen it.

  • Brandon Dillon

    What the fuck am I reading

  • Louie Schuth

    Wait, what just happened.

  • Al

    I think this is what’s called an acid trip.

  • sabrina D

    I am satisified with the ipad i have now itself :)