Leaked iPad 3 Components Reveal New Internals, But No New Design [Exclusive]



Images of leaked iPad 3 components hot off the factory floor have been provided to Cult of Mac. They reveal that the internal components of Apple’s third-generation iPad are significantly different to those features in its first- and second-generation tablet. However, its design seems to remain almost the same.

The images we have, which have been provided by iPatch, a leading iPhone, iPad, and iPod repair specialist here in the U.K., show various components from the iPad 3, all of which are largely different to those that feature in the iPad 2. We also have images of an iPad 3 rear casing, which suggest Apple has not given its next-generation tablet a redesign.

The image above is a flex cable containing the sleep/wake button, the volume buttons, and the mute switch. Below is the same component from the iPad 2. As you can see, they both feature different designs, though it would appear that the layout for these buttons remains largely the same.

Below we have the iPad 3’s microphone, which again, is significantly different to that featured in the iPad 2, with a completely different connector. This is the same component that leaked back in December.

The biggest difference between these internals for the iPad 3 and the iPad 2 appears to be with the Wi-Fi components for the new device. As you can see from the image below, there’s a huge difference in design here.

One of the most interesting changes is to the iPad’s headphone jack. As you can see below, the iPad 3’s headphone jack is different again, with what appears to be another connector on its bottom end. iPatch believes this connector is for a dock connector, which would suggest that the iPad 3’s headphone jack will be at the bottom, alongside the dock connector, similar to the iPod touch. However, the images we have of the iPad 3’s rear panel conflict with that theory.

As you can see from the picture below, there’s no space for a headphone jack at the bottom of this device.

The image above is identical to that leaked yesterday by RepairLabs (below). As you can see, it features the same screw holes on the left-hand side, which are laid out differently to the iPad 2. As RepairLabs points out, the iPad 3’s rear panel seems to leave less space for the logic board, and more for the tablet’s battery.

Our images also provide a more detailed look at the new device’s camera port, which is expected to house a much-improved snapper.

These images strengthen reports that claim the iPad 3 will boast the same design as its predecessor, but with improved internals. The third-generation device is expected to be an “incremental” upgrade, much like the iPhone 4S is to the iPhone 4, with Apple’s A6 quad-core processor, a Retina display, and a better rear-facing camera.

We have more images of the iPad 3’s rear panel below.

  • ??nD ??os??A

    Can you scan the QR codes on the new parts and see what they say?  

  • ddevito

    iPad 2 with a Retina Display – this isn’t hard to figure out

  • Jose CE

    Exactly, I think it may even be called “iPad 2s”

  • ddevito

    Agreed – or iPad HD. 

  • DylanYounkin

    I’m sure they would be just codes used for tracking the part internally during manufacturing; fabrication, quality check, etc.

  • MacHead84

    What no redesign!?!? The horror, the 4S should tell you if Apple doesnt redesign a product it must not be any good!!!! Everyone knows bloggers care more about form than function!

  • Sangtooo

    No way dude, IPad 3 is gonan rock man! Wow.

  • Sangtooo

    iPad three is clearly going to rock! I can hardly wait man. Wow.
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  • Boris Terekidi

    If there is nothing wrong, don’t change it. iPad2 design is perfect as is. That’s the reason why Apple doesn’t change iPhone designs every year. There so many accessories out there, users would go vivid if their accessories from last year wouldn’t work with new devices.

  • ax13

    Too bad they don’t seem to be bringing expandable storage. Was really hoping they’d fix that in this iteration.

  • Nate Bird

    Or iPad 3

  • only

    Great job, Cult of Mac! The Verge claims that the A6 processor would be a souped-up dual core and not a quad core. That would be disappointing.

  • only

    They already have a lot of apps with the suffix “HD” (Such as Angry Birds HD), which means they consider the iPad 2 to be HD.

  • Steve Frank

    Or iPad Genuine Draft Lite

  • d_n

    Why would they add expandable storage when they never have in the past for any of their mobile products?

  • d_n

    What about the A6 processor? Better camera? Different mic even suggests it will be getting Siri…

  • ZuDfunck

    Great pictures of the innards. Though I’d prefer a Full frontal assembled shot. I love the hysteria that Apple products foster. Look forward to the mania that is to come.


    That sounds really familiar, like some other companies and devices I know of. But I can’t put my finger on which ones…. hmmm….