iPad 3 Back Panel Hints At Bigger Battery, Updated Camera, New Display [Rumor]



RepairLabs has gotten its hands on what is reportedly a back panel for the upcoming iPad 3. While the new housing remains largely identical to its predecessor, this leaked rear panel does suggest several changes to Apple’s third-generation tablet.

The iPad 3 will reportedly feature a bigger battery, updated camera, and hi-res, Retina-like display. Rumors have suggested that Apple is set to introduce a Retina display, super-powered iPad as early as next month.

The purported rear panel features different logic board mounts, meaning that the shape of the board will be different to support different internals.

The width of where the logic board sits on the iPad 2 appears much larger than that of the iPad 3. We have long heard that the iPad 3 was going to provide longer battery life, and this back housing seems to support that.

The camera is different. It is hard to make a judgment just by looking at the casing, but what we can expect is a different camera on the iPad 3 than what we had on the 2.

LCD will be different than what we have had before. Whether or not it will be the super screen we have seen reported will have to wait. But the different mounting does mean that the LCD has been redesigned at the very least.

This rear panel part seems to corroborate our own report that the iPad 3 will be even thinner than the iPad 2. RepairLabs noted that the “housing itself did not seem thicker on the iPad 3 than it does on the 2.” There is still, however, plenty of room for speculation.

  • Julius Jefferson

    I’m ready for this iPad, lets go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Jenkins


  • Shameer Mulji

    I’m really curious about the specs of the A6 processor & amount of RAM.  I’m crossing my fingers it will be a quad-core variant & come with 1GB of RAM minimum (ideally 2GB).

  • Len Williams

    The new iBooks and iBooks Author software have finally given me a reason to go for the iPad. Can’t wait to see what Apple ships in March (hopefully). I am assuming that they will put similar front and back cameras to what they have in the current iPhone 4S. I’ve noticed the iPad 2’s front camera for Skype calls is pretty blurry, so this will be a welcome addition. The 4S’s front camera is stunning, and so is the rear camera for videos and those 8Mpxl still shots.

  • 5aga

    I hope so. LTE would finally sell me into a data plan.

  • Trisjen1983

    Same old same old, Apple must be running out of ideas cause it gets boring and more boring with these rumors!!!! Minor speck bump isn’t even worth my time!!! Apple needs to release something magical, this is dead!!!

  • Mike Rathjen

    Perhaps, but I doubt it. LTE coverage is rare and last I checked the LTE chips available are still serious battery hogs.

  • Mike Rathjen

    Retina display is not a minor “speck” bump.

  • designstrategies

    Oh please! The modern miracle of the iPad is stale on you already? Quick you need more stimulation and nothing has come along in the last 5 minutes to sate your addiction to “something new”. What are you 12 or 15? Find a hobby, read a book and learn something new, create an iBook with iBooks Author, learn to paint or play an instrument, get a life and some interests. It is so pathetic to hear your childish whining of “Mom, I’m bored. What should I do?”. If this is not worth your time, don’t read it, go elsewhere and quit your senseless bitching. The iPad is revolutionizing the world as we know it, and the iPad 3 with its longer battery life, better screen and better cameras promises to make an existing stellar product even better. 

  • JoshObra

    I was hoping the iPad 3 would have the form of an iPhone 4/s this time around.

  • jamesbarsby

    Why would you want the iPad to be more chunky and fragile?

    Comparing my 4S to my wife’s 3GS I actually prefer the 3GS, it is more comfortable to hold and seems thinner. The glass brick design was a step backwards.

  • ddevito

    why would they make it bulkier? The opposite is going to happen. The next iPhone will look like an iPad