Exclusive: Retina Display iPad 3 To Be Even Thinner Than iPad 2 [CES 2012]



LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 – The forthcoming iPad 3 will be thinner than the iPad 2, Cult of Mac has exclusively learned at the Consumer Electronics Show from a well-placed source.

A major accessory manufacturer already working on iPad 3 cases has told Cult of Mac the upcoming device is measurably more svelte than the iPad 2, despite the fact that the iPad 2 is already Apple’s thinnest profile iOS device.

The iPad 3 is widely anticipated to be the first iPad with a Retina Display, doubling the resolution of the current generation iPad and affording a picture quality in which pixels are indiscernible to the human eye.

However, while Apple’s predilection for increasingly thinner devices with every generation is well known, the most recent report coming from CES has the iPad 3’s casing pegged as marginally thicker than the iPad 2’s due to the increased demands of the Retina Display, which requires thicker illumination.

Our report contradicts that most recent report. However, it does confirm a report from December that says Apple could keep the iPad as thick or thin as the current generation while maintaining Retina Displays by using thinner IGZO displays.

If Apple could have an iPad 3 that was thinner than the iPad 2, they would. Since the iPhone 3G, Apple’s devices have universally tended to either decrease in thickness every generation, or stay the same. A thicker iPad 3 would fly in the face of a four year trend, and be very atypical for Apple.

It’s worth nothing that the Retina Display iPhone 4 was substantially thinner than the iPhone 3GS, despite a sizable upgrade in resolution. If the iPad 3 is not thinner than the iPad 2, the company will be bucking an almost half-decade long trend.

  • crummett

    I’ll get excited when it’s foldable.

  • ericschultheiss

    When will they make an iPad that can cook breakfast and wash the dishes?

  • Charles Langerher

    Apple actually does sell foldable iPads. It’s called the Macbook Air.

  • ddevito


    I hope there will be more to be added than simply a better display.

  • Len Williams

    I’m expecting much better front and back cameras, a much faster processor, Siri integration and a better display on the upcoming iPad 3. Actually, the only real letdown I’ve seen with the iPad 2 is using Skype. The front camera gives a very blurry and low-res image, so a new higher res front camera on the iPad 3 would make my day, and will make on the road Skype calls more feasible.

  • smallfolk

    “The company will be bucking an almost half-decade long trend.”.

    I love the sense of importance the author is struggling to give to the “historic precedent” that Apple has set so far. Almost half a decade?! Wow, that sounds like a big strong..oh wait, that’s like, 3 or 4 years?


    Nice article, but silly…

  • gettysburg11s

    Interesting article, but the title should be “And now for something painfully obvious…..”

  • Luis Dominguez

    I’m gonna hold you to this “exclusive.”  Taking the word of a case company and saying its concrete is crazy.  Look what happened in october.  Casemate had cases for a thinner iPhone and what happened?  That phone didn’t come out.  Maybe Apple had plans for that shape but it didn’t happen.  Point is, if we went off of what case companies said, we would of had a newly designed iPhone right now.  Apple can change their mind at the drop of a hat.

  • tomnryan

    “Apple’s devices have universally tended to either decrease in thickness every generation, or stay the same.”
    The iPhone 3G was thicker than the original iPhone: 11mm vs 12.3mm.

    Also, here’s an exclusive I heard from a random man on the street. The new iPad will be… wait for it… LIGHTER!!!

  • CharliK

    So you are basically saying that YOU have the real info and everyone else saying it will in fact be slightly thicker are wrong. 

    Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? Are you so totally sure YOUR source is correct. Enough to publicly state right here on this blog that if your ‘facts’ and your source are proven to be in fact wrong, that Cult of Mac will cease and desist with the publishing or republishing of all rumors regarding Apple products and services infinitum. 

    Or are you willing to admit that perhaps your source isn’t so well placed and to admit that this is a rumor just like all others and be more forthcoming with this admission in all future articles. 

    Balls to you Johnny. 

  • Will Reed

    I believe the iPad 2 was actually around 1/2 mm thinner than the iPhone 4.  Despite retina display.  Again, it makes no sense that apple would even entertain the thought of releasing a product that wasn’t artistically as profound as it’s technology.  Thinner may be a stretch (an awesome one at that) but it will not be thicker.

  • India Iordaah

    Agreed….that’s exactly what I’m hoping for….holding out!

  • Nicholas Pausch

    with the thinner Display technologies and Thinner Gorilla glass 2 its very possible that the 1mm thicker casing will be offset by the thinner, and stronger other halves that could make up the iPad3

  • paul_onxo

    I’m still waiting for my T-Mobile iPhone from a couple of years ago you told us was coming…

  • Mike Rathjen

    If you believe case company rumors, then you believe that the iPhone 5 came out late last year and is wedge-shaped.

  • thecreative

    The new iPad will be in the exact same casing as the iPad 2. Bet on it.

    If Apple can get a thinner panel and therefore has more room in the case then they will fill that space up with battery. Which a new A6 processor might need.

    Also, have you learned yet from believing case manufacturers? Why in the world would Apple give details ahead of time to any manufacturer? Also, considering Apple is in the case/cover game too with the SmartCover. It’s like giving your competition your play book.

  • 69Voltage

    You just had an article the other day from a source who had access to the backplate of the iPad 3 and stated it was 1mm thicker. Love all of the rumors right before launch.